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    Here we go again. Another study is out telling moms and dads that our kids are fat and it's all our fault. Tired of hearing these studies? Sorry guys, but this is one report you might want to read.

    See, the thing is, researchers from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine are now saying American kids are fat because of what we're doing to them as babies. And you might be surprised by their findings ... because this isn't just one thing that some moms and dads do!

    After studying a group of low-income parents, the scientists have come up with a whole list of mistakes parents commonly make with baby that can start them off on a lifetime of battling the bulge. The list is so long, in fact, that chances are good that you're doing AT LEAST one thing on the list! Heck, I'll even admit I did one!

    Don't think I could possibly mean you? Take a look ...

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    Do you try to avoid spending money on tons of extra things your kids don't really need? Don't call yourself frugal, call yourself on-trend: you're part of the minimalist parenting way of being. Sure, saving cash by not filling every room in your house with the latest battery-powered Fisher-Price Blat-N-Learn may sound like a fairly basic concept, but you guys, it's totally cutting edge. It's a Pinterest-friendly lifestyle movement. (And if you're a thrifty dad, you can officially call yourself a manimalist.)

    I feel like every week I hear about some brand-new method of raising kids, but when I actually learn what the term means, it's not particularly groundbreaking at all. What's with our annoying tendency to lump diverse parenting choices into one specific buzzword, I wonder? (Aside from the fact that it drives advice book sales, of course.)

    If you're not sure what I mean, here are 5 more examples of "parenting trends" that sound WAY more complicated than they really are.

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    When my first baby was ready for solid foods, I remember obsessing over it like it was some sort of dire situation. I mean, eating is sort of an important thing, but the energy that people put into baby food is a little extreme.

    Okay, a lot extreme.

    I have tried every single method out there when it comes to feeding babies solids, and I will tell you that I really wish I had calmed down and just done what was easiest for me. 

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    Oh baby, what's messier than trying to feed your little one their first solid food? It's a good thing babies are so dang cute, or we'd all have to have a serious talk with them about their table manners. I love seeing babies playing with their food, especially when it's not my job to clean them up! Check out these little cherubs gettin' crazy at mealtime.

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    When your baby starts eating solids, parents need to be the ones deciding how much they eat and when ... right? Maybe not! A new study shows that spoon-fed babies are more likely to be overweight than babies who are allowed to feed themselves. The latter are more able to tell when they're full, and they're also less likely to be picky eaters. Baby-led weaning helps babies form a healthier relationship with food.

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    Here's a scary statistic for parents. Would you believe that one child every hour is injured in an incident involving a highchair? Believe it, Moms and Dads! Parents may have been using the little stations to bring baby to the dinner table for generations, but it turns out we're actually getting worse at using them, not better!

    Over the eight years of a study of highchair safety, doctors said injuries actually increased 20 percent. And we're not just talking little scratches. Kids are suffering from brain injuries that send them to the ER. Seriously, parents, what gives?

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    Starting Baby on Solids: 6 Perfect Foods to Try

    posted by Adriana Velez December 2, 2013 at 7:16 PM in Baby
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    You could shell out money a the grocery store on baby food from a jar. Or! You could feed your baby poi. Feed my baby what?!? Poi! You know, pounded taro root dish popular in Hawaii. It's kind of a purple-ish grey, has the texture of pudding, and has kind of a bland taste. The National Institute of Health thinks it might be the perfect baby food. Curious about why? Here's why poi and these other "grownup" foods make the perfect ready-made baby foods.

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    A new study reveals that breastfeeding has yet another benefit: it increases the likelihood that children will eat a more healthful diet filled with fruits and vegetables when they are in preschool. The study followed about 10,000 children in Britain, France, Portugal, and Greece over the course of four to five years and found that the longer moms breastfed their babies, the more good foods they consumed when they reached school-age. Comparing formula-fed babies to those who were breastfed at least three to six months, researchers found that those who were never nursed were 20 percent less likely to eat at least one veggie a day and 20 to 30 percent less likely to eat one fruit per day. 

    Unless you think a mom is nothing more than a set of breasts, I sense something very important is missing from this report -- mom herself. 

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    Pouches have become a popular way to package baby food, but one company is recalling tons of baby food this week after an issue with its pouches. Plum Organics issued an extensive voluntary recall of several baby and toddler foods that the company says may be spoiled inside the pouch because of a manufacturing defect.

    Is your kiddo eating spoiled food? Here's what you need to know!

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    4 Icky Things Hiding in Store-Bought Baby Food

    posted by Adriana Velez September 10, 2013 at 10:30 AM in Baby
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    Do you feed your child homemade baby food or store-bought baby food? The answer could say a lot about what kind of parent you are! Just kidding -- we're not going there today. I fed my baby homemade, but mostly out of laziness. It was just easier to mash up whatever was already on our plates (within reason) and feed that to our son. But in case you're looking for an excuse to buy that expensive Babycook, science is on your side. There are some significant reasons why homemade baby food is better, and they're all in the form of icky additives found in prepared baby food. Here's what you probably don't want to feed your baby.

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