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    It's dinner time! Your baby is strapped into her high chair and ready to chow down. But as soon you try the old airplane maneuver to convince her to open the hatch, she gives you the old head-turn ("no, thanks"). Or she tries one bite (yay!), then spits it out and flips that rice cereal onto the floor (boo!). Of course, you're tempted to throw in the towel -- that is, after cleaning up the mess with it -- but you know your baby has to eat. Not to worry, mealtime doesn't have to be so stressful with these tips for getting your baby to eat (no airplanes involved).

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    If you worry about food allergies, listen up. In a new study coming out of Australia, researchers have discovered that babies might develop allergies before they're even born.

    After examining blood samples from 12 children with allergies, doctors from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne were able to see that certain babies were actually born with significant genetic differences, meaning that they didn't develop them after birth.

    The report is bringing up the age-old nature vs. nurture battle. By studying the babies' epigenetics (the change in gene expression when they're reacting to different environmental factors), the doctors were able to narrow down the origin of their allergic genes. And it's causing plenty of questions for parents.

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    So, you've decided baby is ready for solid food, and you're wondering what the heck to feed them? Scientists may have just made the choice a little easier. A chemical named acrylamide has been linked to cancer. What does that have to do with baby food?

    Turns out that's where it's hiding (along with certain coffees and starchy foods such as French fries). The new warning comes out of the European Food Safety Authority, but American parents should know they're not the first to flag acrylamide. Here in the states, the FDA has been warning folks about its presence since late last fall. 

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    Your baby is about to reach another exciting milestone: eating solid food. The time at which this happens varies from baby to baby and mom to mom. While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend moms exclusively breastfeed their babies for the first six months, many breastfeeding moms don't introduce solids until their baby is a year old.

    When it comes to what to first feed your baby, you can toss those old-fashioned ho-hum (and processed) foods like rice cereal and jarred apple sauce right out the window.

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    It's clear that Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is a natural-minded mama -- some may even call her crunchy. She breastfeeds Lincoln and isn't afraid to post photos on Instagram, she reportedly didn't vaccinate her sons, and she ate her placenta ... in pill form. And now she's making a major statement about exactly what baby Lincoln will be eating ... or rather not eating.

    Lincoln is about to be six months old, which is typically the time to start solid food. But Kailyn has other ideas.

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    Ever notice that you've just gotten a baby into a routine when everything changes? Welcome to parenthood, where nothing stays the same for more than a minute (OK, maybe two!). That includes your baby's eating routine.

    You've just got breastfeeding or bottle-feeding down to a science, and now it's time to start baby on solid foods. But when do you actually start baby on solids? And what should they eat? Is it fruits before veggies? Veggies before fruits? And what is this cereal everyone is talking about?

    Your answer is here!

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    When life hands you lemons, feed them to the babies! We're all suckers for a good baby-eating-lemon video, and filmmakers April Maciborka and David Wile created a new one, "Pucker," that has us absolutely in stitches.

    The duo gathered more than 30 babies and gave them each a slice of lemon. Some fearless kiddos tasted the sour fruit and immediately puckered. Others spat it out. One didn't even try it. And another actually seemed to like it!

    The impressive background music and slow-motion shots properly document the dramatic moment in the babies' lives. This is, after all, a milestone. Isn't it?

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    When my first baby was ready for solid foods, I remember obsessing over it like it was some sort of dire situation. I mean, eating is sort of an important thing, but the energy that people put into baby food is a little extreme.

    Okay, a lot extreme.

    I have tried every single method out there when it comes to feeding babies solids, and I will tell you that I really wish I had calmed down and just done what was easiest for me. 

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    When your baby starts eating solids, parents need to be the ones deciding how much they eat and when ... right? Maybe not! A new study shows that spoon-fed babies are more likely to be overweight than babies who are allowed to feed themselves. The latter are more able to tell when they're full, and they're also less likely to be picky eaters. Baby-led weaning helps babies form a healthier relationship with food.

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    Here's a scary statistic for parents. Would you believe that one child every hour is injured in an incident involving a highchair? Believe it, Moms and Dads! Parents may have been using the little stations to bring baby to the dinner table for generations, but it turns out we're actually getting worse at using them, not better!

    Over the eight years of a study of highchair safety, doctors said injuries actually increased 20 percent. And we're not just talking little scratches. Kids are suffering from brain injuries that send them to the ER. Seriously, parents, what gives?

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