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    There was a time, long long ago, when you could have sworn you were a competent, capable individual. Then you get pregnant, and boom: You miss deadlines, misplace your keys, or blank on the name of a coworker you've known for years ... and once you give birth, the rest of what you think is ironclad in your mind slips away, too. Friends and enemies start whispering that you suffer from "baby brain," also known as "pregnancy brain" or "momnesia" -- all jokey ways to explain a worrisome new development: pregnancy- or motherhood-induced memory loss.

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    Do you wake up in the morning, French-braid your daughter's hair, volunteer coach at your son's soccer match, feed them an organic, healthy lunch, and still manage to squeeze in a Pilates class, run your "dream business" on the side, and greet your husband with a kiss and yet another home-cooked meal once he's home from work? Yeah, right! The truth is many moms still strive to be perfect parents even when they know these sort of scenarios are but pie in the sky dreams. New research suggests that the huge gap between our ambitions and reality is making new mothers anxious and depressed.

    Carrie Wendel-Hummell, a University of Kansas sociologist, says the anxiety and depression typically blamed on hormones after baby arrives might be something else entirely.

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    Nursery rhymes may be popular with little kids, but if you take a deeper look, the lyrics tend to be dark and forbidding. It seems only fitting that a documentary meant to peel back the curtains and reveal one of the darkest times for mothers would take its name from one. The producers of When the Bough Breaks are calling their film an "honest look at the lives of women who have or had postpartum depression."

    The filmmakers promise to answer "all the unanswered questions" about a disease that affects as much as 41 percent of new mothers. But what will that look like, and why should moms watch? The Stir spoke with producers Tanya Newbould and Lindsay Gerszt and Director/Producer Jamielyn Lippman to find out why they've turned their lens on moms and what they hope talking about postpartum depression will do:

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    Ah, stretchmarks. The bane of every pregnant woman's existence. The angry red stripes tend to show up on women's bodies in the third trimester, meandering across the belly, breasts, and thighs in some 80 percent of pregnancies.

    If it's happened to you, you probably have one big question in mind: how do I get rid of my pregnancy stretchmarks? Is it even possible to get your belly (and breasts and thighs ... ) back to the way they looked before you had a baby?

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    It's the miraculous day that you -- oh, okay, that your husband -- has been eagerly awaiting for the last 6 weeks. Congrats -- it's the day you go for your 6-week postpartum checkup and find out the only thing anyone really wants to know: whether you're clear to start having sex again!

    Wait, you're not excited by this? You're exhausted and feeling a little puffy still and haven't even thought of switching out of your big ole maternity panties yet? You are not alone. Getting busy again after spending such a long stretch feeling like an asexual, nursing couch potato isn't easy. And there are some things you may have to get used to -- at least for a few weeks or months after birth. Here are 7 ways postpartum sex might be different.

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    For years, postpartum depression has been thought of as a condition only new moms grapple with. Now, research is finally shedding light on the difficult truth that men are suffering, as well. A recent study on paternal postnatal depression (PPND) out of Northwestern University, published in Pediatrics, followed 10,000 men and found that for dads who lived with their children and were around 25 years old, depressive symptoms increased by 68 percent during their child's first five years of life. What's more, these symptoms often go unrecognized and fail to be addressed.

    Without treatment, postpartum mood disorders often worsen. "This can result in damaging, long-term consequences for a man, his marriage, and his entire family," explains Will Courtnenay, PhD, LCSW, author of Dying to Be Men (Routledge, 2011), and founder of the website

    Here, 11 facts couples should know about the underdiagnosed condition ...

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    It's not surprising that another photo of a mom breastfeeding is causing a firestorm on the Internet. But this photo is causing a stir because it has a little something extra. It's a photo by new mom Sky Boucher tandem nursing her twins and showing her stretch marks. Wow, there's a whole lot going on there! Needless to say, people have a lot to say about this fearless photo, almost all of it extreme. I think how you respond to this photo says a lot about how you feel about motherhood and your own body.

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    Plenty of parents wind up having their babies fairly close together in age -- but one mom in the U.K. is getting way more than she bargained for after conceiving triplets four weeks after giving birth to her first child!

    I know. My head is spinning too over the idea of have four babies all under the age of 1 in the span of less than a year. Holy. Moly.

    Sarah and Benn Ward had a tough time getting pregnant with their son, Freddie. They decided to go ahead and start trying for another baby shortly after his birth, thinking it would take quite some time again.

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    As Teen Mom fans know, Kailyn Lowry is eating her placenta following the birth of her new baby, Lincoln -- just like she planned. Please banish any images of Kailyn feasting on fresh placenta with fork and knife, though. She posted a photo of "pills" made from her placenta last week. So no gross placenta smoothies for her! I'm wondering if they've turned her into a superhero yet. I guess not -- but at least they're not making her sick. Over the weekend Kailyn tweeted, "For those wondering, I'm feeling pretty good so far taking my placenta pills. No negative side effects!"

    Negative side effects? I didn't even know that was something you had to worry about if you're eating your placenta. But it is. Despite the amazing health benefits, there is a small chance you could feel ill after eating placenta.

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  • Mom Moment

    I Didn't Love My Baby When She Was Born

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 10, 2013 at 5:12 PM in Baby
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    A lot of moms say they felt an instant connection to their baby -- some fell head over heels in love the moment they discovered they were pregnant. As the months go by, they talk about wanting to meet their little one and you can't detect even a hint of trepidation in their voices. When they give birth, they instinctively know how to hold a baby that weighs less than a house cat. Their hands cradle little necks that don't accidentally snap back. Their babies take to their breasts like they're long-lost buddies. They don't stay up for 36 hours after taking baby home, terrified they've bitten off more than they can chew. 

    They call it a maternal bond. Instant love. They make you feel like it's expected. It will just happen. It will happen to you, too.

    But that's not exactly how motherhood began for me. 

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