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    We hate them. We love them. We can't help but look at them. I'm talking about celebrity post-baby photos and selfies -- you know, those super-annoying pictures that big-name women snap of themselves two weeks after giving birth that show they have zero trace of baby left on their svelte bodies. Try as we may to remind ourselves that most of these stars have a lot of time on their hands to work out -- and money in which to hire helpers galore, including nannies and personal chefs -- it's easy to forget that they are actually mere mortals, just like us. 

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    Plenty of parents wind up having their babies fairly close together in age -- but one mom in the U.K. is getting way more than she bargained for after conceiving triplets four weeks after giving birth to her first child!

    I know. My head is spinning too over the idea of have four babies all under the age of 1 in the span of less than a year. Holy. Moly.

    Sarah and Benn Ward had a tough time getting pregnant with their son, Freddie. They decided to go ahead and start trying for another baby shortly after his birth, thinking it would take quite some time again.

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    As Teen Mom fans know, Kailyn Lowry is eating her placenta following the birth of her new baby, Lincoln -- just like she planned. Please banish any images of Kailyn feasting on fresh placenta with fork and knife, though. She posted a photo of "pills" made from her placenta last week. So no gross placenta smoothies for her! I'm wondering if they've turned her into a superhero yet. I guess not -- but at least they're not making her sick. Over the weekend Kailyn tweeted, "For those wondering, I'm feeling pretty good so far taking my placenta pills. No negative side effects!"

    Negative side effects? I didn't even know that was something you had to worry about if you're eating your placenta. But it is. Despite the amazing health benefits, there is a small chance you could feel ill after eating placenta.

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    I Didn't Love My Baby When She Was Born

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 10, 2013 at 5:12 PM in Baby
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    A lot of moms say they felt an instant connection to their baby -- some fell head over heels in love the moment they discovered they were pregnant. As the months go by, they talk about wanting to meet their little one and you can't detect even a hint of trepidation in their voices. When they give birth, they instinctively know how to hold a baby that weighs less than a house cat. Their hands cradle little necks that don't accidentally snap back. Their babies take to their breasts like they're long-lost buddies. They don't stay up for 36 hours after taking baby home, terrified they've bitten off more than they can chew. 

    They call it a maternal bond. Instant love. They make you feel like it's expected. It will just happen. It will happen to you, too.

    But that's not exactly how motherhood began for me. 

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    If there were any saying that applied to me, it would be "We are our own worst critics." Especially when it comes to parenting. I think we can all agree that we want so desperately to be the best parents for our children that when we "mess up" or do something we wish we could take back, it really hurts.

    I only wish I had realized this a bit sooner and hadn't spent so much wasted energy shaming myself.

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    I can't stand it when celebrities say they aren't working hard to lose their baby weight, but by the same token most of us simply can't live on lettuce and treadmills alone, like our girl Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian's Atkins diet, though it may be working brilliantly for the future Mrs. West, doesn't seem like a practical option for any hot-blooded Italian girl who refuses to give up her pasta. 

    That's why I am loving Jessica Simpson's weight loss plan. It's novel, it's refreshing, it' boring and normal. 

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    I've lost some weight recently, thanks in part to a gym class that involves flipping giant tractor tires as if we're all deranged Real Farmwives. While I'm thrilled to see actual muscles tentatively emerging here and there from my flab-reserves, I'm dismayed at what is happening in my thorax region. Specifically: my breasts. The lower the number on the scale drops, so go my boobs. What I'm saying is I'm dealing with some pretty serious gravity/deflation issues, and soon I imagine I'll have to shovel each breast into its bra cup with a kitchen tool of some kind. Perhaps a spatula.

    This is an aging thing -- I'll be 40 next February -- but I suspect it's also a body-ravaged-by-children thing. Bizarre things happen during pregnancy, and despite what all those celebrity "HOT BODY AFTER BABY!" articles would lead you to believe, some of us never completely recover.

    To illustrate my point, I've put together 7 visuals to tell the tragic process of my OWN body after baby.

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    Let the rest of the world obsess over losing the weight after having a baby. You have more important things to focus on, like your baby -- and a number of other postpartum changes to your body that could be more serious than a few extra pounds. "It's a massive physical challenge" to have a baby, says Jessica McKinney, director of the Center for Pelvic and Women's Health at Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, in an article that looks at several postpartum challenges women face. The little aches and pains you feel right after birth may not be temporary. Untreated, they could grow into larger problems.

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    My pregnant wife, Randi. Placenta inside.So, what’s it really like to ingest your placenta?

    I’m so glad you asked!

    After our son Sam was born (August 29, 2013, 3:09 a.m.!), we prepared for my wife to eat the placenta. The plan was to take it home, powder it, have it put into capsules, and then for my wife to consume it. Why? During our hypno-birthing classes (more on that another time), our instructor had told us about how placental capsules may ward off postpartum depression (PPD). My wife had terrible PPD after the birth of our first child, Stella, and we would do anything to avoid that. Even something as seemingly kooky as this.

    [Warning: You will see a graphic photo after the jump!]

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    How did you feel about your body right after giving birth? For most of us, pregnancy and childbirth leave us feeling like our bodies have been "ruined," or at least altered in ways we're not altogether thrilled about. But what if we could change that? What if we could see our post-baby bodies as powerful and beautiful? Pinup and boudoir photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson has made that her mission. Her 4th Trimester Bodies Project is a series of photos showing mothers' bodies in all their post-baby glory, seeing them through a loving, empowering lens.

    So how did a pinup photographer end up focusing on post-baby bodies, anyway? We talked with Jackson to find out what her inspiration was and what these photos mean to her subjects.

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