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    After reading this, you may need to be reminded of what decade you live in again. Lindsay Jaynes was all set to embark on a 6-hour plane ride with her 10-week-old baby -- which all moms know is stressful enough. She decided to be super smart and check with Delta Airlines about its breastfeeding policy. So she tweeted the company and made it quite clear in her post that her baby refused to nurse with a cover or feed from a bottle. The airline's response? Breastfeed with a cover or use a bottle.

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    Traveling with young children is rarely pleasant, but it becomes an even bigger ordeal when the plane experiences scary, and sometimes dangerous, bouts of turbulence. Five United Airlines passengers were hospitalized in Montana on Monday and an infant was thrown from a parent's arms when the plane suddenly dropped as it was preparing to make a landing. Thank goodness the baby was unharmed despite landing two rows back, though you can only imagine the fright both child and parent felt.

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    Being a mom is amazing. It can also be extremely exhausting. In the best way, of course. And sometimes you just need to get away. Escape to that magical island where there are no children even if that "magical island" is the coffee shop and you are there for half an hour. It's a little recharge. A little "me time" and I think it makes us all better moms for taking care of ourselves, along with our kids.

    Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin knows what I'm talking about. She tweeted her feelings on wanting to be alone.

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    Babies. Aren't they the best? They're just so snuggly and sweet, and everything they do is over-the-top precious. Well, almost everything, that is.

    Former Bachelor & DWTS winner Melissa Rycroft was mortified when her baby pooped in the tub -- which was especially embarrassing because it happened in a hotel bathroom, not her own. And she was rushing out the door when her daughter did the deed -- so her husband was left to deal with the aftermath. (Love it.)

    When she returned to the room later that day, she found the tub drained and "little poo pellets" sitting inside of it. (OMG. The poor maids.)

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    There's nothing like having a baby right before summer vacation to put a kink in your travel plans. As the mother of a June baby, I get it. Traveling with a newborn is hard!

    But here's the good news: it's not impossible. You can still enjoy the family road trip with your new addition; you just can't do it the same old way you've always done. Stressing about the upcoming trip? Here are some easy ways to ease the stress:

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    Kids Gone Wild ... In Restaurants! (VIDEO)

    posted by Amy Kuras February 16, 2013 at 11:24 AM in Toddler
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    I don't know what it is about restaurants that cause my kids to lose it entirely. They can be fully delightful children all day, but get them into a restaurant context and BOOM, cray-cray ensues.

    I think a lot of things make this so tough…the judgy eyes of other diners, the fact you're not in control of how fast the food comes out, how it looks or what temperature it will be (which can trigger a meltdown in picky eaters), and the fact that an experience which used to be fun and relaxing has become a massive stress point. Thank heavens we have never crossed paths with Randall, he of the "honey badger" treatment. In this latest episode of Moms in The Wild, he follows several moms and their kids to restaurants.

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    We are finally getting a peek at Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s two-month-old daughter, and no one is shocked that the child is beautiful. It’s almost like little Vivian Lake has a gorgeous mom and dad! Oh wait … she does.

    Tom, Giselle, and three-year-old big brother Benjamin recently touched down in Hawaii, where they’re presumably spending some quality family time in the sun and sand. Giselle seems totally in love with her little girl -- she held her protectively in her arms as she exited the private jet, while dad grabbed the bags and Benjamin played nearby.

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    If you've ever pondered the difference between parents who maintain friendships with the child-free and the parents from whom everyone without kids (and sometimes those with) run, it's simple. The parents who still have friends are the ones who recognize that sometimes their kids can be complete and total pains in the ass. Take the couple who recently decided to bribe an entire airplane's worth of passengers with bags of candy so they'd put up with their twin sons' crying.

    The parents' genius move has gone viral since a photo of the goodie bags was uploaded to Reddit. But what's really remarkable isn't that the parents filled the snack baggies with Jolly Ranchers and Werthers or even their note that lists their seat numbers and offers earplugs to anyone who needs them. It's who uploaded the picture in the first place.

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    Who Cleans Faster: Mom or Man? (VIDEO)

    posted by Amy Kuras August 24, 2012 at 10:24 AM in Baby
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    One of many "you know you're a mom when" moments comes when you realize you never go anywhere, ever, without snacks in your purse. The embarrassment of pulling out a snack pack of fishy crackers of questionable freshness in the middle of a work meeting is nothing compared to that of your little one crying, "I hungry, mommy! HUNGRY!" and you have nothing to give them while everyone in the store stares at you like you're a big slacker.

    The worst, though, is when you're in a store, let's say a nice clothing store, when BOOM your baby knocks their snack bowl out of the stroller, spilling oaty O's far and wide. You have to clean them up while holding your now wailing baby and get out of there as fast as you can.

    How fast could you do it? And more to the point, how fast could a guy get it done? Check out this latest episode of Mom vs. Man below to find out.

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    You'd think a place that has its own "nursing room" for moms would be a pretty chill place to hang with your baby, wouldn't you? I'm betting the North Carolina mom who was breastfeeding her 2-month-old in the public library computer lab thought so. At least until an employee tried to banish her there.

    Kelle Perkins had her son inside her shirt so he could eat while she finished her work on the computer at the local library. But when patrons complain, she said a library employee told her she'd have to move to the nursing room if she wanted to continue breastfeeding. Say what?

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