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    When it comes to deciding whether you should use cloth diapers or disposable, the former has a lot going for it. Cloth diapering is cost effective and good for the environment too. But if you're considering going with cloth, you might be worried about all that laundry.

    It's true the disposable diapers are easier in this regard -- take it off baby and throw it in the trash. But washing your cloth diapers is not nearly as complicated -- or time consuming -- as it was in the olden days. Forget those visions of women slaving over vats of boiling water. Today's diapers are much simpler to launder. Here's how to wash your cloth diapers:

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    Taking care of a newborn can be a rough job. Moms, don't you ever wish you had a handy assistant around to help you? Even just someone to take care of changing the diaper ... or at least someone who can give you all the necessary tools and then dispose of the nasties?

    Well, you're in luck. Because there's one pooch who's up for the role. Charlie the beagle recently welcomed a new addition into the family, and it seems like he's acclimating pretty nicely. So well, in fact, that he's helping mom with the diaper changes. Check him out:

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    What do you think your baby's poo smells like? I know the answer should be obvious, but I was surprised to find there are some parents out there who wax rhapsodic about the odor emanating from their darling babies' soiled diapers. I get it, to a point. Newborn babies who are breastfed do produce poo that smells a bit sweetish. I would go as far as saying it's not an unpleasant smell. But delicious? 

    STFU Parents has found the parents who love the way their babies' poo smells -- and aren't afraid to tell you so. Their Facebook posts are about as weird as it gets. 

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    We all know the "detached dad" myth. That guy who reclines in his easy chair, reading the paper, while mom chases the kids and cooks dinner simultaneously. That guy who has never changed a diaper in his life because that's not his job. That guy with selective deafness who never seems to hear his baby crying at night or the kids arguing at the dinner table. Dad the "apprentice parent." Well guess what? A new survey is busting that detached dad myth wide open. Dads are into this hands-on parenting thing, in a big way.

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    Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry is due to birth her baby any day now. So naturally, it's almost all she can talk about anymore. And going by what she's telling her fans, it sounds like she's going full-tilt natural mom. Kailyn is planning on breastfeeding, using cloth diapers, and eating her placenta. Hello, Earth Mama! Kailyn will be an amazing role model for countless other young moms who want to do the same. I hope she keeps sharing with her fans how it goes, because natural parenting can be challenging, sometimes.

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    Once upon a time, if you had a baby, you were using cloth diapers because, well, there was no other option. And then along came disposable diapers, and moms flocked to them because they were new and oh so convenient! But I don't have to tell you that times have changed, do I? Moms are using cloth AND moms are using disposable, and there's a never-ending argument over which one is better.

    So what's the answer? Is one better than the other?

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    One of the big lessons I learned when I became a mom is that your baby doesn't need much at all in the way of material goods. Well, except for diapers. Your baby is going to need a whole lotta diapers, and it could be your greatest expense. In fact, some financially strapped families are struggling to afford diapers, facing the unthinkable dilemma of choosing between food and diapers. And, well, going diaperless is not a real alternative for most families. So we need make sure every penny spent on the things count. Here are some ways you can save money on diapers.

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    Being a new mom pretty much means we get almost no time to ourselves, get used as a puke rag, nurse until our boobs are sore, and still have to have big smiles on our faces. It's a fun time, but it's also a hard time, an overwhelming time, and sometimes even a difficult time.

    But we need to find the humor. We need to LOL. We need to remember it's not ALL bad. So, to get you smiling, here is an exclusive pie chart we designed on why moms are very similar ... to diapers. Don't hate. You know it's kinda true. See below:

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    The price of diapers -- coupled with the insane amount a child goes through -- can lead to serious spending. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, it will run you about $2,500 to keep your kid diapered until she -- joyfully -- becomes potty trained.

    Until then, there are some easy ways to help the diaper debt situation.

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    If you're like every other mom I know, then you're probably obsessed with the contents of your baby's diaper -- am I right? You know, you pay close attention to how many times a day he goes, what color it is, and all that good stuff?

    If so, then you're going to go nuts over a new product being developed called smart diapers -- essentially digital diapers that "read" your baby's pee and poop (sorry, but there's really no polite way of putting it). Small squares on a front patch on the diaper change colors based on what proteins are detected.

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