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    With Memorial Day and Fourth of July just around the corner, you've likely got a lot of preparing to do. There are barbecues to attend; red, white, and blue desserts to bake; and of course, patriotic pacifiers to purchase!

    Get your littlest family member in an American state of mind with one of these 11 adorable patriotic pacifiers.

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    The CPSC is recalling 200,000 Fred & Friends pacifiers because there's a risk that children can choke while using them. Three different pacifiers are involved in the recall, all of which have novelty themes meant to make your toddler look extra cute.

    First, the Chill Baby Artiste Pacifier features a mustache and beard that could potentially break off. Second, the Chill Baby Volume Control Pacifier has a volume knob that may detach. It also has ventilation holes that are too small, which is the problem associated with the third one recalled, the Chill Baby Panic Button Pacifier.

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    Motherhood has a funny way of shifting our former judgments on other parents into the ability to make fun of ourselves. I can’t be the only one that’s referred to playpens as “toddler jail,” right? Right? Just keepin’ it real, folks.

    Let’s face it -- there are some baby products out there that non-parents just can’t understand. Take the playpen example. Maybe some people can’t understand why you wouldn’t just wear your baby, or let them play nicely on the floor. The answer is that it’s freaking hard to open the oven when you have a baby strapped to your chest or crawling rapidly toward the door. So into baby jail she goes, and that’s what we call it, because if you don’t keep a sense of humor about things, what’s the point?

    Here are five totally misnamed (and renamed) baby products that are parent lifesavers.

    Do you have any to add to the list?


    Image via Joshua Dalsimer/Corbis

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    A Michigan mom had one heck of a scare recently. Her baby boy swallowed his pacifier. No, I don't mean that a piece of the pacifier broke off and went down little Cameron's throat. The 5-month-old swallowed his whole pacifier, nearly choking to death!

    The whole thing happened when the little guy was at daycare, and a call to 911 got the baby boy to doctors just in the nick of time. He's OK. Thank goodness!

    But what does this scary story mean for moms? Should we stop giving our babies pacifiers?

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    Out of all the things I vowed I would never allow my baby to have -- a pacifier was at the very top of the list. I absolutely hated the damn things and thought they were nothing but a crutch that lazy parents used in an effort to shut their kids up because they couldn't manage to control them.

    And then about three weeks after my son was born, I suddenly became said lazy parent. After popping a paci into his mouth and experiencing the pure bliss of silence for the first time since his birth -- the binky became my best friend. And his.

    But then I reached the point where I suddenly had a 3-year-old who was still sucking away on his "na-na" (as he so affectionately referred to it) to fall asleep every night. I knew it was about time to get rid of it.

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    5 Parenting Trends I'm Thankful I Escaped

    posted by Jill Smokler September 24, 2013 at 1:03 PM in Baby
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    I often look at my friends who have babies with envy. It seems like there's so much more for them than there was for me, just a decade ago. I mean, mustache pacifiers, really? I contemplate having a baby just so I can own one of those, and I'm not even kidding. And those faux shoe-socks or ballet flat socks? I think I missed them by a year. So close.

    But then there are the other things, the trends and expectations that I'm forever grateful to have escaped because there's no way I could have succeeded at them. Stuff like these:

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    When it comes to choosing whether or not to give your baby a pacifier, most moms typically have one of two distinct opinions on the subject. Either they swear by pacis and don't know how to survive without them, or they think they're absolutely ridiculous and would NEVER allow their baby to have one.

    And sometimes, those of us who decide to use pacifiers wind up feeling guilty about it, either because of family members who insist we don't need them, or because we're worried our babies will wind up with messed up teeth or something. 

    But as it turns out, giving your baby his beloved binky might not be a bad thing at all -- especially if you're one of those moms who cleans the pacifier by sucking on it yourself.

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    More than a few times during my daughter's first year on Earth, I pondered looking up the inventor of the pacifier and writing him (or her!) a letter of thanks. With a daughter whose insatiable need to suck knew no bounds, I didn't think you could find a bigger fan of the sucky on this planet. But then a video of twin baby girls having a pacifier war popped up on the Internet and went viral.

    More than two million people have been charmed by these sisters grappling for one pink binky, and you're about to see why: 

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    Some parents are disgusting. Really disgusting. They'll pick up a pacifier from just about anywhere and pop it in their baby's mouth. But are you ready to be really grossed out, Moms and Dads? You know that pacifier that has turned your screaming baby into a sweet little dumpling who actually sleeps through the night? It's absolutely crawling with germs, and I do mean CRAWLING!

    Before you say no, duh, of course there are germs out there, but you have to eat a pound of dirt before you die, I'm not trying to be an alarmist here. But it's time some parents wake up to how absolutely disgusting they are! And you don't have to take my word for it: a new pacifier study out of the American Society for Clinical Pathology should make you clean up your act.

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    When my kids were newborns, I hid all the pacifiers we received as gifts in fear that using them would cause nipple confusion. Plus, I really didn't need another thing to clean. Then my mom bought us some fancy ones most like a woman's nipples and whispered to me, "Just in case." We had one of those "just in case" moments and used them for half a second before my son decided he liked to suck on his foot better and my daughter found her thumb. Thank goodness for that because researchers just revealed that baby boys who use pacifiers turn out to be emotionless jerks who seem to have Botox faces without any expression or empathy for others. 

    I wonder if that explains some of the guys I've dated.

    Girls come out unscathed. And there hasn't been a study on baby boys who suck their own toes yet, so the verdict is out on my son. But no one wants their precious little boy to turn out to be an apathetic dolt. What the heck is this study anyway?

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