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    Just had a baby? Congratulations! How are you planning to share the news with your friends and family? You could print out a photo of your baby. OR! You could print out 3D replicas of your baby so the grandparents can hold your little darling in their arms. And it's not even creepy! Much. Actually, it's super creepy.

    A tech company will make custom 3D printouts of your baby (or your unborn child) for just a few hundred dollars. You can get that in life-size or miniature. Because what makes a better paper weight than a mini-version of a newborn naked baby? That's what I thought.

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    Vanessa Cervantez knows what it's like to carry and deliver large babies. Although she's just 5'1", the petite California mom has already given birth to two big children -- a 10-pound, 10-ounce boy and a 9-pound, 14-ounce girl. But even she was in total shock when doctors announced the birth weight of her latest "peanut": Andrew Jacob Cervantez entered the world weighing 15 pounds, 2 ounces -- and measuring 24 inches in length! Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, Andrew just might be the biggest baby ever born in California. Ouch -- I'm in pain just thinking about it!

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    Prince George may be one of the most fascinating people of 2013, but in the new year, he's got a little bit of competition! Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter and Prince William's cousin, Zara Phillips has given birth to a baby girl just six months after Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their little heir.

    Prince George's new cousin, the 16th in line to the British throne, was reportedly born on Friday at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in western England and weighed in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces, according to Buckingham Palace. Hooray!

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    Aww! Dancing With the Stars pro Edyta Sliwinska is officially a mom! She welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband Alec Mazo on January 4th, and she showed off this photo of herself holding her new bundle of joy on Twitter.

    (Let's not even comment on how bangin' her bod looks just six days after having a kid. Of course it does. She's a dancer.)

    Anyway ... Edyta and Alec are of course, over-the-moon about their new arrival. As she said in her photo caption, "We are in love and as happy as can be!!"Ok, so I'm sure you want to know what they called their new son. Well, their choice of name may surprise you -- I know I was a bit like, "Huh?"

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    Dear formerly pregnant friends,

    I know this is way, way overdue on my part -- but I really owe you an apology for how I reacted when you excitedly told me you were going to be a mom. The minute "I'm pregnant!" came out of your mouth, I saw the look of pure joy and elation on your face. But what did I do instead of sharing in that happiness with you? I immediately started ranting and raving about how much your life was going to change -- and not necessarily for the better.

    And I wasn't trying to rain on your parade ... I swear. I simply thought giving you the brutally honest version of what to expect with a baby's arrival would spare you hours and hours of sitting on the couch crying and wondering why you weren't adjusting naturally to motherhood ... because that's what happened to me after I had my kid.

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    A couple from Alabama was taken aback when popular news sites and ordinary folk expressed via Twitter that they actually give a hoot about the odd name they chose for their baby boy. Come on, guys, baby names are all the rage and you should know that your choice affects us all, especially when it's a name we aren't used to seeing.

    Oh, I kid, I kid. And, honestly, I really like the name they gave their child ... ready for it? Krimson Tyde -- named after the University of Alabama's football team, the Crimson Tide. While I'm not the biggest sports fan in the world and would probably find it harder to swallow if they named their child "Sooners," football aside -- the name is melodic and interesting. I dig it. But my opinion on their name is totally irrelevant. What is important for these parents -- and all parents -- to remember is that we should expect to take a little bit of flak if we give our baby an unusual name. And that's okay. 

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    Whoa ... this one will really make your head spin! There are probably plenty of twins who wind up being born with different birthdays depending on how closely they're delivered -- but would you believe two sets of twins were born in two different years earlier this week?!?

    Yep. In Washington, D.C., Yaleni Santos Tohalino gave birth to a baby girl at 11:58 p.m. on December 31, 2013. And then she welcomed a baby boy at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2014.

    And a bit farther north of Yaleni in Toronto, another mom, Lindsay Salgueiro, delivered a set of twin girls -- one at 11:52 p.m. on the 31st and the other slightly after 12:00 p.m. on the 1st.

    Crazy ... right?

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    I can certainly appreciate a simply styled nursery and there's a lot to to like about this one. With clean white walls and colorful accents, you can bet baby Nixon feels right at home in this bright and airy space. 

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    Anyone who has had a baby knows you are like a walking wreck for at least 6 months after you give birth -- more like a year unless you have a child who likes you enough to sleep and nap on cue (and if you do, please don't share the details). There are few things more  annoying than sitting on the couch in your milk-stained robe, hair unwashed, and turning on the TV to waste the only 10 minutes you have to yourself that day -- and then getting trapped into watching some sappy, completely unrealistic commercial for toothpaste or an insurance company that features fashionable moms, happy, quiet babies bouncing off laps, and spotless living rooms. Liars!

    In real life, parenting is pretty much exactly like this sweet and funny Coca Cola commercial, which has its roots in Argentina, but has become a viral hit everywhere. 

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    When I had my first child, I wanted to do everything by the book. I was so nervous that the tiniest misstep would somehow break the baby. In fact, one of my first pieces was about how shocked I was that they just let me leave the hospital with this little being (it was tougher to get a library card), and frankly I didn't feel ready.

    But I was determined to rise to the challenge -- All toys were sanitized before they came within 10ft of my child. People were sanitized too, they were also grilled as to when they were last sick, if they knew proper baby handling techniques, and the date of their most recent TB test.

    Then came child number two, and I was racing to get her home ... it's amazing how much changes between your first and second. You can blame it on the lack of time needed to be as anal, ahem, meticulous as you were with the first, or maybe it's simply a gain in experience and confidence, but the differences are undeniable. Here are just a few of them ...

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