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    Parents will do anything to get their babies to sleep soundly. We'll drive around town for two hours if we know they only sleep well in car seats. We'll break our rule about giving them a bottle in the crib. Some of us will even throw the crib in the trash and let them sleep with us if it means they'll stay down for longer than five hours. Well, if you're like me and have ever used a sleep machine to help lull your baby to bed, start weeping now: a new study suggests white noise machines can harm babies' hearing.

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    Danny Masterson, who played the hilarious character Steven on That '70s Show, recently welcomed a baby girl into the world with wife Bijou Phillips! Gosh, I have been hiding under a rock because I didn't even know these two were married. But it seems Bijou, who is an actress, model, singer, and famous for being the daughter of The Mamas & The Papas' late singer John Phillips, wed Danny in 2011 at an Irish castle after eight years of courtship. Sweet! Danny didn't waste any time spreading the good news on his Instagram account -- and revealing their little girl's magical, mystical name.

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    Remember the days before you had children? You know, when you knew everything there was to know about everything and nobody could tell you otherwise?


    And then you had a baby and realized you didn't know anything then, you don't know anything now, and who the hell let you take this child home?! 

    Motherhood is filled with constant lessons, no more so than in those early days when you learn valuable things like these ...

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    That's a lot of baby! A baby has recently been born in China weighing a whopping 16 pounds. The baby boy has reportedly been nicknamed Xiao Pang, which means "Little Fatty." Hey, that's not nice. The baby came into the world via Cesarean, and can ya blame her?! He believed to the the biggest baby ever born in China. But this does not mean he has to become a Sumo wrestler! Of course, there's little chance he will grow up to be a jockey.

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    You've gotta admit, it's kind of amazing how riled up people can get over something as simple and innocuous as a 30-second commercial. The latest that's getting folks on the Internet up in arms? A Kay Jewelers ad featuring two happy parents waiting to meet their baby at an adoption center. How could something like that possibly be offensive? Wellllll ...

    People are commenting on everything from worrying about the infant's birth mother to the fact that this new mom is getting a necklace for basically doing nothing to being annoyed that Kay Jewelers seems to be using a private, very intimate moment to sell necklaces. Tasteless. Offensive. Insensitive. That's what they're calling it. And I kind of get it. There's certainly something about this commercial that can rub you the wrong way. Before you go raging on about how quickly we as a society are to get offended, hear me out first.

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    Two of my friends recently gave birth and both returned home from the hospital sharing similar, unbelievable stories: their babies had been kicked out of the hospital nursery for bad behavior. One of my friends had given birth naturally with no complications, and the other had had a difficult labor, followed by an emergency C-section. Recovery and need for sleep, be damned -- their babies were acting fussy and nurses returned them to mom in the middle of the night. 

    What's the big deal, you may be asking yourself. You're the one who actually had the baby. He or she is your baby -- so why shouldn't your baby be your responsibility? And you're right, of course. But while moms used to be able to count on enjoying a sliver of rest time right after giving birth, it seems fewer hospitals are treating use of the nursery as the norm. And, as a mom who relied on it after my first birth, I'm NOT looking forward to the peer pressure of rooming in my second time around.

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    You've just done the hard work of delivering your baby. Congratulations! The cord is cut, your baby is cleaned off, and you're handed your baby -- and then your baby is whisked off to a mystical place called the nursery. (Usually.) What then -- how is your baby cared for, and what else happens in the nursery? So much! Here's what your baby can expect during their stay.

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    No matter how many people warn you, there's just no way to prepare for the shock and awe that come with the newborn phase. You think you can handle it -- and you can. You think you know what's coming -- and you kind of do. But still. For just about every rookie parent, it's kind of like labor: Harder in ways you never imagined. But then you wake up one day and realize that you're finally past it. You survived the newborn phase! How do you know? Well, prop your eyelids open with some toothpicks and read on. We'll tell you the signs.

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    Just had a baby? Congratulations! How are you planning to share the news with your friends and family? You could print out a photo of your baby. OR! You could print out 3D replicas of your baby so the grandparents can hold your little darling in their arms. And it's not even creepy! Much. Actually, it's super creepy.

    A tech company will make custom 3D printouts of your baby (or your unborn child) for just a few hundred dollars. You can get that in life-size or miniature. Because what makes a better paper weight than a mini-version of a newborn naked baby? That's what I thought.

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    Vanessa Cervantez knows what it's like to carry and deliver large babies. Although she's just 5'1", the petite California mom has already given birth to two big children -- a 10-pound, 10-ounce boy and a 9-pound, 14-ounce girl. But even she was in total shock when doctors announced the birth weight of her latest "peanut": Andrew Jacob Cervantez entered the world weighing 15 pounds, 2 ounces -- and measuring 24 inches in length! Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, Andrew just might be the biggest baby ever born in California. Ouch -- I'm in pain just thinking about it!

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