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    Christmas morning with kids is the best thing ever...until you actually have to take the toys out of that ridiculous packaging, usually while the kids are begging you to open it right now please please pleeeaaasseee...and you're wielding a knife or scissors on not enough sleep and too much coffee. Whoever invented these things hates parents, I think.

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  • Mom Moment

    Watch This Man Sweat the 'Mommy Juggle' (VIDEO)

    posted by Amy Kuras November 11, 2012 at 9:18 PM in Baby
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    All of us have experienced this awful moment: You're at the cash register, there is a line a mile deep behind you, your baby is screaming...and you can't find your wallet in your overcrowded diaper bag. It is The. Worst. Especially when your breasts start to leak milk through your shirt at the sound of your baby's wail (let's not discuss how I know this information, but suffice it to say 4 years later the cringing has almost stopped).

    It's bad enough as a mom with our awesome mom skills....could a guy do this?

    Let's find out:



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  • Rant

    Your Baby May Be Killing Your Relationship

    posted by Kiri Blakeley November 9, 2012 at 4:17 PM in Love & Sex
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    A couple of years ago, a woman I know uploaded a ton of photos of her new baby to Facebook. No joke, there were like a hundred photos. Okay, so she was madly in love with her baby. How nice. But as I scanned through the photos, I thought to myself, Did they get divorced? I hadn't heard anything about my real world male friend divorcing his wife (the woman whose photos I was looking at). Yet my male friend, the father of the baby, was nowhere to be found in any of the photos. Not with the mom and kid at home. Not with them outside. Not with them at relatives' and friends' homes. It was as if he'd been erased from existence. He's a handsome man who is NOT camera shy. So where was he? The thought went out of my mind until I saw him about a year later, at a mutual friend's party.

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  • LOL

    Dad Makes Mom Weirdest Costume Ever (VIDEO)

    posted by Amy Kuras October 26, 2012 at 5:14 PM in Big Kid
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    We've all been there: Your kid's school party is today, you totally forgot, and now you have exactly one minute to throw together a costume before she has to leave for school.

    If you can manage it without tears on your part or your child's, you win the Supermom award. But can a dad do the same? Lauren O'Quinn finds out on the latest episode of Mom vs. Man. Check it out below!

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  • LOL

    Who's Better at Night Feedings: Mom or Dad?

    posted by Amy Kuras October 22, 2012 at 2:49 PM in Baby
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    Whenever I think about another baby, one thing stops me: Night feedings. It's bad enough that my second child didn't sleep through the night until he was four; the idea of voluntarily signing on for the mind-numbing exhaustion that comes from being awakened every two hours or so by a hungry newborn is why I am thrilled with the two I have and not planning on another!

    If you opted not to breastfeed, that means dad can help you out in the night with a bottle feeding. But can a dad get a bottle measured and mixed in under a minute?

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    I'm sure there exists somewhere a house where a box of crayons remains color-coordinated, unbroken and perfectly put together after the first day it's opened. Or the first minute. But I don't know those people; in my house and most of my friends,' coloring time means broken, ground down and dropped crayons everywhere, which are quite a project to clean up even before someone steps on them and grinds them across the hardwood floor.

    How fast can one dad scoop them up, and can he put them away neatly

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    There are a few questions that strike fear into the heart of most parents because they're so high stakes. Get it wrong, and you could scar them for life. Chief among those is probably anything having to do with baby making, like why there are different "boy parts" and "girl parts."

    What you don't want to do is ask a couple random guys wandering down the street to handle that one for you. But that's exactly what Lauren O'Quinn does in the latest episode of "Mom Vs. Man". Check out the video below if you want to know what NOT to do when your child asks you why her brother has different parts than she does.

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    Before I had a baby, I never knew that one of life's great pleasures was getting ready -- showering, drying my hair, putting on makeup -- in complete and total peace. No sudden interruptions, no rushing around like a lunatic, no leaving the house with half-wet hair -- just me and my bathroom mirror. Ahhh. Luxury at its finest.

    Now that I'm a mom, elaborate smoky eyes and intentionally messy barrel curls are a thing of the past. But if I do say so myself, I've gotten pretty good at getting ready with baby.

    It's a skill. A skill that was perfected with time. A skill that ... this dude in the latest CafeMom Studios' Mom vs. Man challenge actually is pretty damn good at.

    Watch the hilarity that ensues when a man tries to put on makeup -- while holding a screaming baby.

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    Before you had kids, you never imagined that one day you'd be waking up at the crack of dawn to frost cupcakes you stayed up half the night baking, did you? Yup, it's just another one of those crazy things we do as moms, particularly when you maybe sorta forget about making cupcakes to send into school for our child's birthday until the last minute. Hey, it happens!

    And we deal. Because we're moms. BUT could the average man accomplish the same fantastic feat? That very question inspired the latest episode of CafeMom Studios' Mom vs. Man with Lauren O'Quinn: Man vs. Cupcake.

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    Ah, the nighttime feedings. A classic part of being a new parent. Also, an exhausting part of being a new parent. But somebody's gotta do it, right? Otherwise, you know, your baby will starve. If you're a breastfeeding mama, really, you have no choice but to be the one to wake up; if you're not, well ... odds are you're getting up some of the time to feed your little angel, too.

    But dads get up, also. Most fathers will happily wake up in the middle of the night to let their partners get some sleep. But they don't usually handle it with the same dexterity as the ladies. It's kind of adorable, actually.

    This week's Mom vs. Man challenge from CafeMom Studios covers just that. The nighttime feeding. Only it's a dude feeding ... another dude. And it's pretty hilarious.

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