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    Public restrooms. Just the thought of them makes us uncomfortable. They're a wasteland for graffiti, caked on pee, poop splatter, overflowing tampons ... you get the idea. They're universally disgusting.

    What's even harder than trying to get out of a public restroom without the sudden urge for a shower? Managing a child -- or, even worse, several children -- in said public restroom. They're vestibules for germs and grime ... and kids just don't get it. They thrive in this nasty environment, singeing their mom's every nerve with ease.

    Who hasn't delivered the killer evil mom stink eye to their kids behind closed stalls? Who hasn't yelled, "Get back here right now or I am telling the (Elf on the Shelf/Mensch on a Bench)!" The crazy things moms say in public restrooms to rein kids in are comical.

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    7 Secrets Moms Never Share

    posted by Jenny Isenman April 18 at 10:42 AM in Big Kid
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    There are certain secrets we moms keep to ensure the survival of our species. It’s not like we took an oath to keep them, it’s more of an unconscious phenomenon — like we’re programmed to omit certain details about parenting life from conversations on an evolutionary level.

    I kinda wish I’d been privy to this classified information beforehand, not that I could’ve prepared, but, like, full disclosure people! So I will go against my internal programming and divulge some things parents let you find out for yourselves.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, MomAssembly.

    Parenting books are great, but moms are a tired, busy bunch -- who has time to read a chapter at a time, let alone finish the whole thing?

    That’s why veteran parenting experts Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger, the founders of MomAssembly, parenting experts to the stars, and authors of the best-selling book and DVD The SleepeasySolution, came up with their virtual parenting “university” for moms. MomAssembly conveniently brings experts right into the living rooms (or bedrooms, or kitchens, or even bathrooms -- because let’s be honest, sometimes that’s the only place you can get two minutes to yourself!) of moms everywhere.

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    Last year, I wrote about some non-traditional things I'm ashamed to be thankful for. You know, the types of things that would probably get you kicked out of Thanksgiving dinner?  Like: I am thankful for stars like Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, and J.Lo, who make 40 seem not so old. 

    Well, this year, I thought I'd focus on some things I'm thankful for as a parent. Sure, the list may be a bit superficial, but I bet you're thankful for similar stuff.

    Soooo, I say we take a sec to forgive each other for mentioning these things and then we, well, mention them.  I'll start:

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  • Mom Moment

    I Didn't Love My Baby When She Was Born

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 10, 2013 at 5:12 PM in Baby
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    A lot of moms say they felt an instant connection to their baby -- some fell head over heels in love the moment they discovered they were pregnant. As the months go by, they talk about wanting to meet their little one and you can't detect even a hint of trepidation in their voices. When they give birth, they instinctively know how to hold a baby that weighs less than a house cat. Their hands cradle little necks that don't accidentally snap back. Their babies take to their breasts like they're long-lost buddies. They don't stay up for 36 hours after taking baby home, terrified they've bitten off more than they can chew. 

    They call it a maternal bond. Instant love. They make you feel like it's expected. It will just happen. It will happen to you, too.

    But that's not exactly how motherhood began for me. 

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    I can't stand it when celebrities say they aren't working hard to lose their baby weight, but by the same token most of us simply can't live on lettuce and treadmills alone, like our girl Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian's Atkins diet, though it may be working brilliantly for the future Mrs. West, doesn't seem like a practical option for any hot-blooded Italian girl who refuses to give up her pasta. 

    That's why I am loving Jessica Simpson's weight loss plan. It's novel, it's refreshing, it' boring and normal. 

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  • Say What!?

    6 Reasons Parents Lie About Co-Sleeping

    posted by Danielle Tropea September 27, 2013 at 8:57 PM in Baby
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    More parents than you'd think are bedsharing. Around the world, families traditionally bedshare (and there's a very low incidence of SIDS) yet in the United States, only 66% of babies have ever shared their parents bed. Or have they? Bedsharing is one of parenthood's best kept secrets. 

    If you ask your best friend, she might 'fess up to having had her babies in her bed but if you ask a general population (for example, if you're the CDC), you are likely to get the answer you want. And since we are warned time and again that you can kill your babies by sleeping with them, we're afraid to admit it but we're still doing it.

    So why are we lying?

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    Dear Kate:

    I can only imagine how bizarre this whole experience has been for you, because along with all the challenges of pregnancy that many moms experience (and wow, you had some challenges), you were followed and photographed day and night. People were analyzing your parenting choices even before you were actually a parent.

    And even if you don't read any of the news reports, rag mags, or blogs, I'm sure you know what's going on. And it's probably affected you, even though you'd never let on.

    After parenting four kids, I've got my fair share of advice that I could give you, but there's really only one thing I would tell you and all other new moms out there that might just change your experience.

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    The price of diapers -- coupled with the insane amount a child goes through -- can lead to serious spending. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, it will run you about $2,500 to keep your kid diapered until she -- joyfully -- becomes potty trained.

    Until then, there are some easy ways to help the diaper debt situation.

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    I skipped two grades as a child, and so for most of my life, I was always much younger than everyone else. So I always felt like I had to prove myself. And play "catch-up" to all the older kids.

    Sadly, by forcing myself to charge ahead, I missed a lot in the process. And quite often, I wish I had just taken my time and enjoyed life before it passed me by in a blur.

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