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    All right Mom, picture this: you're pregnant, and your husband comes to you and says, "You know, you need to schedule a C-section so this baby doesn't make me miss work." You'd be insulted, right? Livid? Well that's exactly what a bunch of sportscasters are suggesting should have happened in the case of New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy and his wife.

    Murphy took paternity leave this week to be with his wife, Tori, and their newborn son, Noah, missing several games this week, including the all-important Opening Day. And the response from sportscasters -- big names from Boomer Esiason to Mike Francesa -- has been like something out of the dark ages.

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    We worry about so many things when pregnant, and one of the major concerns is money. Who is making it? Is there enough? Are you going to work or stay home with baby? Sometimes there is no option, but when there is, there are some fascinating findings about the health of mom and baby when mom is a stay-at-home mom.

    When studying the effect of economic hardships on Spain and America, researchers found that high unemployment rates have some incredible benefits for families. These findings could translate into ways that being a stay-at-home mom is the better option.

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    Working mamas, can we talk about maternity leave for a minute? And how it's too short? And how going back to work is the worst? Ugh, that day before you go back is equivalent to pure hell. You're scared to leave your baby with someone new. You're scared you're going to do a bad job at work and get fired. You're scared you're going to die on your commute in. Okay, maybe that last part is a bit much, but omg, going back to work after a few months of being in a baby bubble is crazy!

    You're not alone if you're feeling scared about going back to work, mamas. In fact, here are the 10 stages you'll likely go through on your first day back. (But don't worry, you can do it!)

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    Our country has one of the worst maternity leave policies in the entire world. In fact, we are one of only a very small handful of nations that don't offer paid maternity leave to working mothers. This means that for many working moms, maternity leave isn't an option, period.

    Still, for those of us who are lucky enough to have companies that offer small amounts of paid maternity leave, it's still much shorter than most other countries and often ends far before mom and baby are ready.

    So how do real moms feel about their maternity leaves ending? We asked around and got dozens of anonymous responses from real women detailing how they felt when they returned to work. Here are 14 of them:

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    Good grief -- when the heck is Kate Middleton finally going to give birth? It seems like we've been on royal baby watch forever, and it's basically a shock to wake up every morning only to find out she still hasn't gone into labor yet. (Seriously. This is getting really old.)

    And while I'm sure the extra time spent waiting for her little one's arrival has allowed her to make sure she's ready to become a mom, there's one thing she just can't fully prepare herself for. Prince William is only taking two weeks of paternity leave, which is basically like five seconds when it comes to life with a newborn baby.

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    Pregnancy and childbirth in the United States is among the most expensive in the world. For many people, even those (like me) who have private insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses are astounding. Of course, there are some private insurance companies that simply don't have maternity care at all, which means that the $32,000 hospital bill may very well end up on the shoulders of the brand new parents.

    Stay classy, America. I mean, really, this is appalling. Let me get this straight: Women can't have their birth control paid for according to some lawmakers, abortion is verboten, and childbirth itself costs an arm and a leg and insurance companies aren't mandated to cover it. They make arbitrary decisions that affect our bottom line and hurt families in so many ways.

    Then, when you finally pay off the hospital bill, you get the joy of a 10-minute maternity leave followed by $2,000 a month in (unsubsidized) child care. I am so proud to call the U.S. home sometimes.

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    Now that Kate Middleton's maternity leave has officially begun, we're all curious as to what exactly the Duchess is planning on doing to keep herself occupied until her little bundle of joy arrives.

    And according to E! Online, it sounds like she's having a real picnic so far, almost literally. Supposedly Kate has been doing prenatal yoga every other day, in addition to swimming and relaxing by the pool at the Palace. 

    Wow. Sounds like a mom-to-be's dream come true. Someone remind me where I can sign up to be a pregnant princess, again?

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    With Kate Middleton ohsoclose to having the royal baby, rumors are flying about what we'll see in the final countdown. But, if the an anonymous source who spoke to The Mirror on Sunday is right, an appearance scheduled 10 days from now (to christen a cruise ship) may be the last time we get a glimpse of the Duchess. That's because, reportedly, her "maternity leave" is going to officially begin June 13.

    "Maternity leave," you ask? Why the formal, official, workplace-style term? Isn't she the Duchess of Cambridge? The wife of Prince William? Can't she just fill up her calendar whenever she's feeling like it and then back off of responsibilities when she's not and needs to chill more in preparation for the arrival of her baby? Uh, guess not!

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    After all the fuss about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's five-second maternity leave and total ban on working from home, she made some shocking news today. Yahoo will double its paid maternity leave from 8 weeks to 16. That's 16 PAID weeks for parental leave. Dads will get eight weeks of paid leave.

    Just to put this in perspective, Google employees get 18 to 22 paid weeks, and at Facebook, moms and dads get 4 months. New Yahoo parents also get $500 to go toward related costs. But still, can you imagine getting a perk like that? I think parents would be more likely to take that leave if it were paid.

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    Once again, science has gone through an awful lot of trouble to prove something totally obvious that we already knew. New moms on maternity leave feel totally inadequate about returning to work. If we're at home, we go for days without talking to another adult. When we return to work, we have less confidence. I mean, the whole study just paints the saddest, most demoralizing portrait of working motherhood you could ever ask for. Gee, thanks!

    Okay, so we really didn't need these researchers to tell us it's insanely difficult to get our career mojo going again after we have a baby. Here's what we DO need: Some fresh ideas for HOW to get our career mojo going again.

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