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    Choosing a pediatrician, particularly if it's your first baby, can be a daunting task. When do you start? What questions do you ask? How do you know if this is the best pediatrician for you and your family? (After all, your baby deserves the best.) We get it, we've been there, and we want to help. Here, everything you need to know about choosing a pediatrician.

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    Jaundice in Babies: What You Need to Know

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 21, 2013 at 7:16 AM in Baby
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    A Brooklyn mom and her 6-year-old son were just awarded $25 million by a jury that found the boy's jaundice went untreated when he was born. His jaundice was found to be the reason why he is now permanently handicapped and suffers from brain damage. Despite complaining about her son's yellowing skin, the mom says her doctors and nurses dismissed it as something that would just "go away." His mild jaundice got worse and he was diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, which can cause brain damage and cerebral palsy.

    Wait, this is the same condition that we've been told is incredibly common and not really a big deal, right? Yes. But it helps to arm ourselves with as much information about newborn jaundice as possible in case we find our little ones need to be treated for it when they are born. Here are some important facts to know. 

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    Doctors in Kansas thought the 7-month-old baby girl they were examining just had a swollen gland in her cheek. She had a fairly large lump near her neck, and even though she’d been prescribed antibiotics, the swelling never went down.

    The concerned parents brought her back to the hospital to try and figure out what the heck was causing the swelling, and they ended up pulling a two-inch black feather from the little girl’s cheek.

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    The latest in vaccination news is that we cannot win. No matter what we do, there is risk. There is no "safe" or "better" option. Whatever you choose could be wrong. Dangerous. Harmful. Fear. Fear. Fear. Parenting. Fear. We all know this, but we don't want to truly believe it. We want to think we are making good decisions for our kids. But we can never really know. This is just the reality we live in with everything involving our kids ... especially vaccines.

    Some of us choose to delay vaccinations for whatever reason. Perhaps the child has a cold, or was premature and the parents are going by adjusted age, or there is a belief in a different schedule of what shots are recommended. Some vaccines actually cause seizures in children. But what we're learning now is that parents who delay vax could be putting their kids at risk for seizures as well.

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    Let the rest of the world obsess over losing the weight after having a baby. You have more important things to focus on, like your baby -- and a number of other postpartum changes to your body that could be more serious than a few extra pounds. "It's a massive physical challenge" to have a baby, says Jessica McKinney, director of the Center for Pelvic and Women's Health at Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, in an article that looks at several postpartum challenges women face. The little aches and pains you feel right after birth may not be temporary. Untreated, they could grow into larger problems.

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    You've outlasted nine months of pregnancy and countless scary tests and screenings. You -- hopefully -- enter your hospital to give birth feeling as confident as possible that your baby is healthy. And then you find out that one simple and cheap screening can make the difference between identifying and treating critical congenital heart defects -- the most common birth defects in newborns -- but guess what? Depending on the state in which you live, whether or not your baby gets a pulse oximeter screening may be a shot in the dark. 

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    Crazy story. One of my daughter's friends is kinda perturbed she has two arms and isn't more like star surfer girl Bethany Hamilton, who so awesomely rocks just the one. After learning about this desire during the most disturbing game of make-believe ever, I was inspired to examine the insanely painful things kids want -- or think they want -- just because they seem cool. Maybe her wish to have something that seems really awful isn't so rare.

    Sure, that's an extreme example, but we never really considered the downside of all those totally "rad" things we longed for as kids like braces or crutches or (name that thing), did we? How many painful afflictions, experiences, or medical devices did you want growing up? Do your kids want even now?

    I can think of quite a few. Here are my top 10. Do any sound familiar?

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    Back at the end of March, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell welcomed their new baby girl, Lincoln. But they made us wait two whole months to catch a glimpse of her. Dax, Kristen, and Lincoln were spotted taking the wee babe to a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills today. You can just barely make out Lincoln in the car seat Dax is carrying. After close examination, it appears ... yes, I can indeed confirm. Lincoln is a human baby and not another pet sloth.

    Hey, someone has to confirm this, okay? Because we all know how Kristen feels about sloths and what a joker Dax can be. I just wanted to make sure.

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    Do you have a copy of Everyone Poops lying around? Time to pack it up and send it to Seattle! A mom was kicked off a city bus there because her sick baby had a stinky diaper, and it was bothering other passengers.

    Oh come on guys, really? You know you did that once too, right?

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    It's a scary thought. A pediatrician with a child porn obsession. This is the person you run to when your child is sick. This is the person who is supposed to make your child well and give you peace of mind.

    What happens when you realize that person may be a monster? That is no doubt what a bunch of Connecticut families are feeling after learning that their pediatrician, Todd Parilla, has admitted to owning over 100,000 child porn photos and videos.

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