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    Parents spend a good deal of time wondering about and analyzing their child's verbal development. But there may come a day when you miss their baby blather, which of course makes absolutely NO sense but can still be as adorable as it is hilarious. Especially when you interact with them and attempt to have a "real" conversation -- or faux argument

    That's exactly what this father did in a now viral video appropriately titled, "You can't reason with babies." While working on some laundry out on his apartment balcony, his tot fervently tries to argue ... to be let out? That he wants to move out? That mommy is a meanie? We're not sure. Neither is his daddy, but he sure had a hilarious way of communicating with his chatty kiddo!

    Check it out ...

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    If you saw photos and footage of Prince George's playdate, you've most likely gotten your quota of uncontrollable baby cuteness in this week. But let's be honest: Can we ever get enough? Of course not!

    Hence why you'll love that has compiled some of the best moments of babies who can't contain their excitement upon welcoming their fathers home. Their unadulterated enthusiasm is palpable!

    Check it out ... and make sure to pay special attention to the little girl at 32 seconds in, whose happy freak-out is priceless ...

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    When life hands you lemons, feed them to the babies! We're all suckers for a good baby-eating-lemon video, and filmmakers April Maciborka and David Wile created a new one, "Pucker," that has us absolutely in stitches.

    The duo gathered more than 30 babies and gave them each a slice of lemon. Some fearless kiddos tasted the sour fruit and immediately puckered. Others spat it out. One didn't even try it. And another actually seemed to like it!

    The impressive background music and slow-motion shots properly document the dramatic moment in the babies' lives. This is, after all, a milestone. Isn't it?

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    There's really nothing more irresistible than puppies and babies -- except maybe when you put the two of them together in the same room. And if you need a good dose of melt your heart cute today -- this video of a bulldog puppy kissing a baby over and over again will certainly fit the bill.

    I mean, this puppy is about as adorable as puppies get, and the baby is all sorts of sweet too. But even though anyone with a pulse will find this irresistible, the baby in question doesn't exactly seem amused about having her face licked.

    Get ready to laugh.

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    There is nothing quite as wonderful or as nerve wracking as taking your sweet little newborn home from the hospital for the first time. A lot of parents (myself included -- can I get a holla?) almost feel a little bit shocked that they’re letting you leave with a tiny person.

    There’s a lot to figure out with a new little one, especially if it’s your first time. I remember when our first daughter was born; I had packed this adorable little corduroy dress with ribbons and lace as her going home outfit. And tights. Yeah, I packed tights for my newborn’s coming home outfit. She ended up coming home in a hospital onesie. Hey, live and learn, right?

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    There's something magical yet oddly terrifying about your shadow, isn't there? Especially if you're a baby -- come on, there's this dark, large, looming silhouette attached to your feet that you can't run away from. Luckily for those of us who are old and crotchety enough to know that your shadow is just an area where light from a light source is obstructed, it's kind of fun to look at it through the eyes of youngsters, fascinated and confused and bewildered by the discovery of this seemingly simple phenomenon.

    Thank goodness there's a compilation that exists out there of babies who discovered their shadows. Then proceeded to freak out. Can you blame 'em? The original video came out back in October 2013 but it's still fun to watch regardless and will make your day. Because it's babies who are discovering their shadows! Doesn't get much simpler and funnier and more charming than that!

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    I love watching videos of cute cats doing cute things to and with cute babies. But I love it more in theory than in practice because, if I can be honest, I don't entirely trust kitties around young people who aren't strong enough yet to defend themselves against the most powerful and evil creatures on earth. 

    Oh, I'm kidding -- sort of. Despite the fact that I gave up my cat when my daughter was born because I couldn't deal with watching him stalk her crib and, oh yeah, she hated everyone else who walked into our home so how could I be sure she wouldn't try and mutilate my child, I really can find the adorable factor in this video. It shows a crazy-cute cat bathing a 1-year-old toddler with its sweet little tongue. I'm not hyperventilating. I swear.

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    We could all use a good laugh being that it's Monday and all -- and I promise this video of a little girl meeting her dad's identical twin for the first time totally delivers a chuckle or two.

    You gotta love the innocence of kids. Here this toddler is, being carried into a home by her daddy -- only to be greeted by someone who looks exactly like him, but isn't him -- which clearly confuses the hell out of her.

    The clip takes a few seconds to get going, but it's SO worth it -- so make sure to keep it rolling once you hit play. The look on this child's face when her daddy and his brother are standing there side by side is nothing short of classic.

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    This? This is the best damn thing you'll see all day -- and it's totally going to make you smile from ear to ear. It's a video of a little girl singing "Wrecking Ball" while sitting in her car seat -- and all I can say is that Miley Cyrus better watch out in another 18 years or so.

    I know she's mastered the art of twerking ... but this pint-sized entertainer has a level of passion Miley can only dream of exuding in her performances.

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    Anyone who has had a baby knows you are like a walking wreck for at least 6 months after you give birth -- more like a year unless you have a child who likes you enough to sleep and nap on cue (and if you do, please don't share the details). There are few things more  annoying than sitting on the couch in your milk-stained robe, hair unwashed, and turning on the TV to waste the only 10 minutes you have to yourself that day -- and then getting trapped into watching some sappy, completely unrealistic commercial for toothpaste or an insurance company that features fashionable moms, happy, quiet babies bouncing off laps, and spotless living rooms. Liars!

    In real life, parenting is pretty much exactly like this sweet and funny Coca Cola commercial, which has its roots in Argentina, but has become a viral hit everywhere. 

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