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    A heartwrenching, gut-churning story out of Ocala, Florida involves a woman who gave birth to a premature baby in a motel bathroom after binging on crack cocaine. Thirty-seven-year-old Chrystal A. Hassell, who was seven or eight months along, reportedly cut the newborn's umbilical cord with her teeth after she went into labor. She later called 911 upon seeing that her baby had turned blue.

    Hassell is now in jail, on suicide watch. Thankfully, the infant is hanging on, albeit in critical condition at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

    What on earth are we, let alone law enforcement, to make of this? Perhaps that what happened here is as tragic as it is horrific.

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    There is nothing quite as wonderful or as nerve wracking as taking your sweet little newborn home from the hospital for the first time. A lot of parents (myself included -- can I get a holla?) almost feel a little bit shocked that they’re letting you leave with a tiny person.

    There’s a lot to figure out with a new little one, especially if it’s your first time. I remember when our first daughter was born; I had packed this adorable little corduroy dress with ribbons and lace as her going home outfit. And tights. Yeah, I packed tights for my newborn’s coming home outfit. She ended up coming home in a hospital onesie. Hey, live and learn, right?

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    Two of my friends recently gave birth and both returned home from the hospital sharing similar, unbelievable stories: their babies had been kicked out of the hospital nursery for bad behavior. One of my friends had given birth naturally with no complications, and the other had had a difficult labor, followed by an emergency C-section. Recovery and need for sleep, be damned -- their babies were acting fussy and nurses returned them to mom in the middle of the night. 

    What's the big deal, you may be asking yourself. You're the one who actually had the baby. He or she is your baby -- so why shouldn't your baby be your responsibility? And you're right, of course. But while moms used to be able to count on enjoying a sliver of rest time right after giving birth, it seems fewer hospitals are treating use of the nursery as the norm. And, as a mom who relied on it after my first birth, I'm NOT looking forward to the peer pressure of rooming in my second time around.

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    Vanessa Cervantez knows what it's like to carry and deliver large babies. Although she's just 5'1", the petite California mom has already given birth to two big children -- a 10-pound, 10-ounce boy and a 9-pound, 14-ounce girl. But even she was in total shock when doctors announced the birth weight of her latest "peanut": Andrew Jacob Cervantez entered the world weighing 15 pounds, 2 ounces -- and measuring 24 inches in length! Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, Andrew just might be the biggest baby ever born in California. Ouch -- I'm in pain just thinking about it!

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    Whoa ... this one will really make your head spin! There are probably plenty of twins who wind up being born with different birthdays depending on how closely they're delivered -- but would you believe two sets of twins were born in two different years earlier this week?!?

    Yep. In Washington, D.C., Yaleni Santos Tohalino gave birth to a baby girl at 11:58 p.m. on December 31, 2013. And then she welcomed a baby boy at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2014.

    And a bit farther north of Yaleni in Toronto, another mom, Lindsay Salgueiro, delivered a set of twin girls -- one at 11:52 p.m. on the 31st and the other slightly after 12:00 p.m. on the 1st.

    Crazy ... right?

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    From awe-inspiring photos of a baby born in an amniotic sac or unretouched moms' bodies to blood-boiling news about a mom being thrown out of a water park for being too "full-figured" to controversy-spawning breastfeeding tales galore, 2013 was a year busting at the seams with stories that made our hearts pound, melt, and just about everything in between! With only a matter of days to go before we ring in 2014, we thought this past unforgettable year called for a round-up and review.

    More from The Stir: 25 Most Exciting Celebrity Babies Born in 2013

    Here, The Stir's 15 most-read parenting posts of the year ...

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    Celeb stylist and designer Rachel Zoe welcomed her second child on Sunday with husband, Rodger Berman, and super adorable son, Skyler. Mom is said to be doing great, and although she didn't confirm her pregnancy until pretty much one minute before she gave birth since she didn't have to -- the woman was so tiny! -- Zoe's second babe was surprisingly big for a woman her size. How'd she hide her bump all along?!

    Zoe revealed the baby's gender and weight in a sweet tweet:

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    The family of a new dad is facing a sad holiday season this year. Josh Robison was by wife Erica's side on Thursday as she delivered their son, Logan. But just after he held his baby for the first time, the 24-year-old had to be rushed out of the room and into surgery. Josh Robison died just hours after his son was born.

    According to the doctors, the headache he suffered son after his son's birth turned out to be bleeding on the brain which claimed his life. It's a heartbreaking story for sure, but his family has a remarkable way of looking at their loss.

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    First we heard from Callie Johnson, one of two newborn girls who were switched at birth back in 1995. Callie, now 18, still lives with her non-biological mother, who, as far as she is concerned, is her mom and her best friend. Tragic as it was that Callie never got to know her bio parents, Kevin and Whitney Chittum, who died in a car crash just as the hospital mix-up was discovered, she is happy, healthy, and grateful for the mom she has. Now the other girl, Rebecca Chittum Conley, is speaking out. At 3 years old, Rebecca lost the only parents she had known, the ones she was mistakenly given to, when they died in a tragic car accident. A judge ruled that Rebecca should stay with the Chittum family rather than be given back to her bio mom, Paula Johnson. And her story is just as unbelievably incredible!

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    Oh, the stress of finding the PERFECT name for your baby -- it's enough to drive some couples to wonder what the heck they ever saw in one other! I'm exaggerating, of course, but I will admit I viewed my husband with different eyes (eyes that rolled all the way to the back of my head) when I heard some of the ridiculous names he suggested for our firstborn girl. And he thought I was on drugs wanting to name our daughter "Aurora" and other mystical monikers I surely found by climbing into a time machine and pulling from my 8-year-old brain -- his words, not mine.

    There's a way to save yourself all of the drama that comes from choosing the ideal name. You simply WAIT. Wait until your baby is actually born and then decide on a name. Not convinced it will make a difference? Here are 6 reasons why it makes perfect sense. 

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