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    Celeb breastfeeding selfies are all the rage these days. And they are ALL great because, let's face it, the more images we see of women nursing their babies, the more normal the act seems in the eyes of the public. In other words, there's no such thing as a bad breastfeeding photo.

    With that said, some bf'ing shots simply knock one out of the park -- and Gwen Stefani did just that when she posted this amazing, ethereal photo of herself feeding baby Apollo while on the road.

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    A news story this week has taken the challenges facing breastfeeding moms to a whole new level of horrible. A teen security guard named Nick Carrington posted images of women breastfeeding at a Sears department store to his Twitter account, @Flex_To_Death (which has since disappeared). The photos were zoomed-in screenshots from the store's security camera footage.

    Although Carrington appears to have deleted his Twitter account, was able to capture the photos before they were deleted and re-posted them to Twitter, adding black circles for the moms' privacy.

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    It's not easy being a mommy to two or more children -- especially when you're trying to incorporate the demands of breastfeeding into a schedule that takes your older child's needs into account. Schools, of all places, should be advocates for parents and make it as accommodating as possible for them to fulfill their kids' physical, social, and emotional needs.

    And that's why it's super shocking that a mom in Utah was instructed to put her breasts away -- I should say, to put her already covered breasts away -- and stop nursing her baby while attending an event at her older child's school.

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    Imagine getting over the hurdles of breastfeeding when baby is born. No concerns that your milk is coming in. Baby has perfected her latch. You've found the right angle and position that works best to nurse your baby without hurting your shoulders and neck. You've finally gotten comfortable with it all. It's quite a victory. And then you're faced with the outside world and all their crazy notions that breastfeeding is an act that should be hidden from view.

    But one cafe made a small gesture that gives a huge amount of support to moms who breastfeed -- they put up a sign addressing breastfeeding moms directly.

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    Lots of women worry about what their breasts are going to look like after breastfeeding. It's a totally normal concern, of course. But imagine how your worries would be intensified if you were the star of a hit HBO show that often required you to bare your breasts while in bed with Alexander Skarsgard.

    Anna Paquin, we feel your pain.

    True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse, who gave birth to twins in 2012 with co-star and husband Stephen Moyer, recently revealed something about her post-breastfeeding breasts on Late Night With Seth Meyers that a whole lot of fellow mommies can relate to.

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    Trying to boost your milk supply? There are a lot of ways to do that, but why not try the yummiest? There are so many tasty recipes for lactation treats out there, we can hardly count them all. Everything from cookies to smoothies -- whatever you crave, there's probably a milk-inducing version of it.

    We've found 8 scrumptious recipes loaded with natural galactagogues, those special ingredients that help you make more milk. So enjoy snacking and lactating, mama!

    More from The Stir5 'Controversial' Foods Breastfeeding Moms Should Know About

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    Ask any breastfeeding mom why nursing rocks, and she'll tell you "have boobs, will travel." So when it comes to taking a family vacation, a breastfeeding mama should have it all covered, right? Well, for the most part, yes! But if you're going to be taking an airplane somewhere, and you're going to be nursing a baby while traveling, there are a few things you need to do beforehand.

    Been too busy packing up the whole family for your next trip to really pay attention to what you'll need to do to breastfeed on an airplane? Don't worry, the experts have you covered.

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    Now we've heard everything. A breastfeeding mother was kicked out of a pool the other day. But in a twist on an old story, Rebecaa Hough wasn't shamed for baring her naked breasts. She was warned that 10-month-old Max might vomit in the pool.

    Hey, you know what they say about waiting to swim after eating! In fact, Hough was warned she shouldn't just leave the pool to nurse her baby, but that she then had to wait half an hour before returning Max to the pool.

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    Hers is a story we've heard all too often. Back in March, Shereen Matera says she was told by an assistant manager to "cover up or leave" while breastfeeding her son at a Barnes & Noble in Nanuet, New York. Although it must have initially been all sorts of upsetting for Matera, she responded boldly -- suing the bookstore chain for mistreatment. Thankfully, she also got a ton of back-up!

    After hearing about the incident, 15 other breastfeeding moms jumped to Matera's defense, joining her in a "nurse-in" at the store, to the disapproval of another store manager. Later, after Matera's complaint to the Barnes & Noble corporate office led nowhere, she went to the New York's Attorney General's office. And today, she's celebrating her settlement and victory in the case.

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    When Abby Theuring first named her blog The Badass Breastfeeder, it was a bit of a joke. But the name certainly fits a woman who has become the center of a national debate over breastfeeding your toddler and your baby both -- at the same time.

    Abby's son Exley is 5 weeks old. Her son Jack will be 3 this month. And the former social worker from Chicago is not ready to wean either one. But when she said so on her blog, in an article boldly titled "I Will Not Wean My 3-Year-Old," the Internet debate began.

    The Stir asked this badass mama to share how she plans to tandem nurse a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old, and why she's glad her story is spreading:

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