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    Scary fact alert: Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among kids ages 1 to 4 years old, and it takes only a few inches of water. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, bathtubs are the second most common place young children drown (the first is pools).

    The safest thing you can do? "Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom, not even for a second," says Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert & Founder of Boo Boo Busters, Inc. "Lock all bathrooms off -- with a door knob lock  -- to keep children from getting in there alone." (If you have an older home with smaller door knobs that don't typically fit door knob locks, a hook and eye lock on the outside is okay too.)

    Obviously, there will be times when your child is in the bathroom with you (those days of showering or peeing in private are over, mom), so make sure you've child-proofed from floor to ceiling. Here's how.

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    A French nurse posted the best video on YouTube -- newborn twin babies hugging in the bath. Seriously -- this is just about the cutest, most touching thing you’ll watch in a long, long time. I take no responsibility for any deaths by adorableness when you see it.

    The little ones can’t stop holding each other as the nurse cradles them in the water, and they just look so happy and content to be together that it’s easy to imagine what it was like for them in the womb. No wonder twins have such a special bond!

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    Bathing Babies Every Day Is a Waste of Time

    posted by Jeanne Sager October 8, 2013 at 2:06 PM in Baby
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    I stuck my head into the baby bath aisle at the store the other day, and I couldn't believe how much STUFF was there. All I was looking for was one bottle of hair detangler, but it was a sea of baby shampoos and baby conditioners and baby bathtub contraptions and so on and so forth. It's been awhile since my daughter was a baby, so I'm trying to remember: was it like this when I had an infant? Did parents really need all this stuff? If they do, how often are they bathing that baby?

    With the amount of stuff on the shelves -- not to mention some of the comments I've heard dropped by parents of newborns -- it seems like parents have taken the same zeal for ridding the world of germs that's made hand sanitizer ports crop up EVERYWHERE to babies.

    They're bathing their little darlings daily. At least.

    That's one phase of uber parenting I'm glad to say I skipped. Bathing baby all the time is a waste of time in my book.

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    They say music is the universal language, right? Crossing boundaries of all sorts -- language and culture and age and whatnot? Because while I'm not entirely certain where these two cuties live (the YouTube user name makes me think it might be Iceland, but one never knows), I AM pretty sure these bath time kids haven't been listening to Queen for all that long ... but that doesn't matter, cause they ... will ... ROCK YOU

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    A huge recall involving thousands of baby bath seats has been issued due to possible drowning risks -- so now is probably a good time to check your tub to see if you're bathing your child in one of them.

    There are actually two different recalls. The first is for 34,000 Idea Baby Bath Seats (pictured at left), which were sold at Buy Buy Baby, both in stores and online, and at Bed Bath & Beyond between September 2012 and April 2013.

    While no babies have actually been harmed while using the seats, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that they can tip over in the tub, which can pose a drowning risk to babies.

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    Talk about timing! There's a big warning from the government today about the risk of babies drowning in the bathtub. And just in case you were thinking about rolling your eyes and laughing it off as Big Brother poking its nose into private parenting matters, the case of a baby who drowned in Chicago just this week should wipe that smirk right off your face.

    Police have arrested Jayshaun Strong's dad, Willie Strong, because they say the man left his 8-month-old son in the bathtub with his 2-year-old brother so he could take a smoke break. Because waiting five whole minutes to go suck down a cancer stick would have killed this guy?

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    "I'm Worth It."Another day, another article that shows how completely crazy today's parents have gone. When I first read the Gawker headline, "Are You Spending Enough Money on Beauty Products for Your Ugly Baby?" I was ready to roll my eyes along with the rest of you guys. Then I read the original article in The New York Times "Style" section and realized I had these same soaps and lotions in my house. Oh my, am I one of "those" moms?

    So I checked out my account and did some figuring. I think I'm missing something, because somehow they're spending hundreds of dollars a month on baby products, and I'm not even breaking $30. And we enjoy the same all-natural, organic brands. Here's what I'm doing.

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    Parents who take the time to complain when a company's products for kids doesn't meet their own high standards know they're fighting a mega battle. But here's a bit of encouragement for them: Johnson & Johnson, a mega brand in the baby industry, is heeding parents' concerns about formaldehyde in its popular shampoo. They're retooling the whole line to can the carcinogen. Score one for the squeaky wheels!

    Based on sheer company size alone, this is big news. Go to a baby shower, and it's a pretty safe bet that there will be at least one Johnson's product dug out of a gift bag. If executives there are willing to listen to parents, who else will?

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  • There Is No Bath Seat Safe Enough for Your Baby

    posted by Amy Keyishian October 8, 2011 at 9:31 AM in Baby
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    It can seem like a great solution to a common problem: A bath seat, something to hold your baby up while you splash his slippery body in an attempt to get the pureed peas out of the deep crevice that is his neck. But according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are standards these seats must adhere to in order to be safe – and of the bath seats on the market, none live up to these standards. I’m going to repeat that: There are no safe bath seats. Here’s why.

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    I think we can all agree that babies are a ton of work. Take a small creature who is 100 percent dependent on you for every single thing in the world, and who doesn't really like to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time, and you've got your hands full. While (believe it or not) I hadn't ever thought about the time and effort the most simple tasks take with an infant, one couple did and made this time lapse video of the very mundane baby bathtime

    So how come it's so fascinating?

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