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    If you carry your baby in a sling, you might want to stop -- or at least read this and then make sure you're doing it right.

    The carriers so many parents use to cart around their newborns and infants are being pegged as potentially dangerous after the suffocation death last year of a 3-week-old girl in Australia.

    One in 20 babies carried in a sling has gotten hurt or has come close to being injured because parents don't always know how to safely position them.

    And a number of babies in slings in both the United States and Australia have died by suffocation, which experts say is the biggest risk.

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    I wore all my kids in various slings and baby carriers when they were little, and I'm very glad I did, especially when I had more than one and needed my hands free.

    But as much as I understand the benefits of babywearing, it wasn't until I had my fourth baby who didn't really love being worn that I could have used the break.

    Is that being selfish? I used to think so. Now I'm pretty sure it's just being smart.

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    Bad news for babywearing moms today! Major brand Playtex has issued a recall via the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more than 300,000 of its popular Hip Hammock Infant Carriers. Parents are being instructed to stop using the carriers immediately as some babies have suffered serious injuries due to a problem with the product.

    The company says they've received 87 reports of the buckles cracking or breaking, including reports of injuries to baby. At least one infant required treatment in the emergency room. 

    Are you using one of the recalled carriers? Here's what you need to know to keep baby your safe.

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    10 Occupational Hazards of Parenting

    posted by Adriana Velez November 20, 2013 at 6:30 PM in Baby
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    I'm a big fan of baby-wearing except for one little thing: It hurts. I think I did permanent damage to my lower spine from carrying around my son everyfreakingwhere. I know, I know, I was probably doing it wrong. I didn't have an Ergo. If you really want to know how to do baby carriers right, please check out this baby carriers 101 blog post, which looks super helpful. But you know what? Baby-wearing is just one of several ways parenting can hurt... physically. You get a handle of that and your still dealing with a world of pain. We could spend all day listing the myriad occupational hazards of parenting, but here's just few.

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    Congratulations! It's your first Halloween as a parent. You know what this means? For the first time since you were a kid you get to go trick-or-treating again. Candy for everyone, yayyyy!

    What's that? Babies are too young to eat candy? Well of course, silly. The candy isn't for the baby -- it's for you! You're just using your baby as candy bait. Everyone will know that, and they will still totally respect you in the morning. Here's seven completely reasonable and not-at-all ridiculous reasons why you should go trick-or-treating with a baby.

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    Baby's first Halloween. It might be better than baby's first Christmas or, heck, even their birthday. Babies in costumes are literally too cute for words. But what do you do when when you want to head out with them on Halloween and they're still in the sling? You can't ... center your and baby's costumes around a sling, can you?

    Of course you can! Here are 6 awesome costumes for babywearing parents!

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    10 Tips for Safe Babywearing

    posted by Michele Zipp September 27, 2013 at 11:31 AM in Baby
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    Last week's tragedy of a 5-month-old baby becoming entrapped on a luggage belt at the airport have many of us questioning the safety of baby carriers, which the child was in moments before the accident occurred. Apparently the family's stroller got caught on the belt and the mother tried to set it free, perhaps placing her foot on the conveyor belt to do so. She was wearing her infant in the carrier when she lost her footing and fell, which made the baby fall out. Within seconds the child was dead, reportedly crushed in a 10-centimeter gap where two belts converged. 

    Accidents happen all the time, and this one had the most devastating outcome. There are some very important safety tips when babywearing, and some we may forget because babywearing has become such a part of our everyday life. Let's take a moment to review some safety measures that could save your baby's life.

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    Let me preface my sad, sorry tale of attachment parenting gone horribly awry by saying this: I do not think attachment parenting in and of itself is a bad thing. I'm not, in any way, shape or form, even approaching the territory of judging anyone's child-rearing choices or styles or anything of the sort; I am simply admitting that I personally maybe did attachment parenting wrong. (That said, I'm hardly the only mom to feel this way.)

    As with so many things, it sounded like a good idea at the time. "The time" being when my first kid was born 12 years ago. I was a new mom, young, and, well, already ridiculously attached to my daughter -- she'd just spent 9 months inside my body, for god's sake! I couldn't even leave the poor child in her crib alone for an entire night without hyperventilating. 

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    I'm all for babywearing. Despite its idiotic name, I think "wearing your baby" is a great way to promote bonding and it's just flat-out easy, as little ones tend to be less fussy when in a carrier. I wore my daughter in a Baby Bjorn right up until she hit the weight limit, and I actually just purchased an Ergo so I can carry her on my back when running errands. (I love the "hip carry" the Moby Wrap offers, but good god, so much fabric!)

    However, despite my love of baby carriers, I think "toddlerwearing" is where I'll probably wind up drawing the line. What Gisele Bundchen is doing in this here photo? Wearing two babies? Two not-so-little babies? That's crazy!

    And at the same time, Christ, damn impressive.

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    Babywearing has been around for centuries, and it's saved many a mom's sanity (as well as her hands for doing other things ... like holding onto a toddler in a busy parking lot, making dinner, need I go on?). But like most things about being a new mom, it can take some time to figure out how to do it ... and how to do it safely!

    The scary news: sometimes babywearing can go wrong, and when it does, kids have been known to die. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), at least 14 babies have died in the past 20 years because of issues with their mom's baby carrier. Three of those kids died as recently as 2009!

    The good news? You CAN babywear safely, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it as a good way to promote bonding with your baby.

    Here are some good tips to make sure you're doing it right -- for you and for baby.

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