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    Get ready to hate me. Or steal my husband. Or think I’m the worst mother in the whole wide world. Or maybe you’ll admire my ingenuity!

    I am a miser of my sleep. I don’t do well when I’m tired. I get really cranky and tend to take it out on the closest person -- who would be my dear, sweet husband. He certainly doesn’t deserve it, so I always say our arrangement was made for his own good.

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    Add this to the list of things to deep fry your nerves, moms: The food choices you make for your infant, both in quality and method of delivery, may affect his dietary choices at age 6.

    No pressure, really. 

    According to a series of studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and published in the journal Pediatrics, infant feeding patterns affect kids' dietary choices longer than anticipated. Children who breastfeed for longer periods tend to eat healthier at age 6. But there's something formula moms can do to give their kids a healthy edge, too. 

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    10 Best Smells of Babyhood

    posted by Judy Dutton August 13 at 12:00 PM in Baby
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    Moms may disagree about many things, but the one thing they're unanimous on is this: Babies smell ah-mazing! Every scent from the tippy top of their peach fuzz hair to their funky little feet just sock us in the gut. And recent research suggests there's a scientific reason babies smell so good: It triggers the "pleasure centers" in our brains, inspiring us to care for these helpless infants. Whatever the reason, all we can say is breathe deep and savor every scent, mamas, since these aromas won't be around forever. Take a whiff of any of these top 10 best baby smells below and you'll see what we mean.

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    Before they even utter their first word or can complete a full sentence, your babies are talking. They're babbling all the time, trying to have conversations, or maybe they're even arguing with the family dog. Yup, the latest video to go viral features a baby chatting with the family bulldog, and it's just as cute as you'd imagine. 

    You can just picture the conversation: "What are you doing? I told you to get off the couch already!"

    See for yourself:

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    From the moment my first child was born seven and a half years ago, I felt guilty. First it was because breastfeeding was a struggle. I fought and I fought to get her -- my little non-eater -- to 12 months without formula. The guilt only continued after I got pregnant again when she was just 9 months old -- would it harm her development? Make her jealous? Hurt her sense of self? On and on. And it only got worse when number two showed up.

    Suddenly I had TWO kids to feel guilty over. My son flapped his arms too much. Was it because I ran throughout my pregnancy? He was reluctant to wean, so I nursed him until he was almost 3 and could ask for it by name. I have always wanted the absolute best for my children whether it was breast milk, not crying it out, or running myself ragged so they could do every activity.

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    When it comes to our newborn babies, the slightest thing wrong can send us parents into a tizzy. Think about how you feel if your infant has a cold. Or a fever. Now imagine your baby was born without about 80 percent of their blood and referred to as a "ghost baby." You would be feeling scared and heartbroken and god knows what else, right?

    When Hope Juarez, who's now 6 weeks old, was born, she was as white as a ghost. Literally. When doctors brought her to draw blood, they could barely get a drop out of her, because hours before her birth, she lost "about 80 percent or more" of her blood.

    And if it weren't for the maternal instinct Jennifer Juarez had while still pregnant, Hope might not be here today.

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    The cutest new study shows that cuddling preemie babies when they're still in the hospital and beyond helps them thrive throughout the rest of their lives. The research, which was conducted by Ruth Feldman, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Bar-Ilan university in Tel Aviv, compared premature babies later on in life who were cuddled in the NICU with those who weren't, and the results were astounding. The cuddled babies were thriving, developmentally and emotionally, much more than the poor babes who were not.

    But, as you may surmise, it isn't just preemies who need cuddling. All babies (and humans!) need cuddling. Check out some of the scientifically proven health benefits to cuddling your baby:

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    If there's anything cuter than a baby photo, it's a photo with a baby and their older brother or sister. Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry posted a photo of baby Lincoln with big brother Isaac on New Year's Eve, and it just about tips the scales of adorableness. Isaac is showing Lincoln a little stuffed elephant toy -- and Lincoln is looking back up at his brother. It's the perfect moment of brotherly connection. And they're in matching striped pajamas, too. You have to see this.

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    A 6-month-old baby girl, who was traveling with her family to Puerto Rico, is alive today thanks to a 63-year-old woman who knew CPR. Jeanne Gallahue quickly responded when she heard a flight attendant shout for help. Over the next two hours, which were most assuredly the worst of the baby's mother's life, Gallahue helped resuscitate the child -- who may have suffered an allergic reaction -- while advising the pilot to land in North Carolina so the baby could receive care at a hospital and instructing passengers and flight attendants on how they could help. Thankfully, this amazing woman was carrying the breathing apparatus she needed to save the baby's life, but it's scary to think many moms and dads are unaware of how to take the simplest steps to help their child if he or she is choking.

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    Being a new mom comes with a whole mess of emotions and feelings. There's the most obvious: Joy. The most talked about: Exhaustion. And the not so talked about one: Fear. Fear that we're not doing a good job as parents. Fear that our baby isn't getting enough to eat. Fear about our partner's paternity leave ending.

    If you think maternity leave is a joke in this country, I'd like you to feast your eyes on paternity leave, ladies and gents. Most men, including my husband, don't get longer than two weeks off of work to spend at home with their new baby. And if it's your first child and you don't have a lot of experience with babies (hi), having your husband go back and leave you all alone is kinda, sorta terrifying.

    Here are the 8 stages new moms go through when their husbands go back to work.

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