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    Every baby nursery is different. And each, particularly early on in a little one's life, reflects the parent's style, as opposed to the newborn's. Because, uh, newborns don't have style.

    How did you style your child's nursery? Chandeliers and frilly pink everywhere? A dinosaur theme? White walls with bright pops of color? Whatever the decor, it speaks volumes to the kind of person and parent you are.

    Here's what your baby's nursery says about you. You know you're curious ...

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    Ever notice that you've just gotten a baby into a routine when everything changes? Welcome to parenthood, where nothing stays the same for more than a minute (OK, maybe two!). That includes your baby's eating routine.

    You've just got breastfeeding or bottle-feeding down to a science, and now it's time to start baby on solid foods. But when do you actually start baby on solids? And what should they eat? Is it fruits before veggies? Veggies before fruits? And what is this cereal everyone is talking about?

    Your answer is here!

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    Sometimes it feels like every time you turn around, there's another set of parents set on ruining their child's life just to be cool. But have heart, there's good news in crazy land! Remember the parents who decided to let the Internet name their baby girl, even setting up a website,, where folks could enter their favorite monikers?

    The couple's little girl is here! And guess what they named her!

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    For any parent who's ever taken their baby for a shot -- do I even need to say it? -- it's awful. The screaming; the tiny red face; the look your baby gives you when the doctor pulls away with that gigantic needle that just stabbed them that says, "You. You did this to me. Traitor!" It's truly one of the worst feelings a parent can have. And few things on this Earth can rival the awfulness of the very first one. Horrible.

    But take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. It's a rite of passage all parents go through (one we were never warned about when we were pregnant!). So, let's unite, Moms and Dads. Here are the 12 stages we all go through when our poor babies get their first shot.

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    Although exciting, creating a nursery for your baby can be a daunting task. After all, it isn't just another room in your home, it's the room in your home. The room where your precious bundle of joy will be sleeping, playing, and waking you from in the middle of the night. You can't just willy-nilly throw it together, as you would a home office or a living room. You want to make sure it's safe, peaceful, and comfortable. And of course, you don't want to break the bank while creating it.

    For anyone putting together their baby's room, here is an expert-advised ultimate checklist for building the perfect nursery.

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    A baby with four arms and four legs was recently born in China. The baby, who also is suffering from pneumonia and congenital heart disease, is said to have had a "parasitic headless twin attached to his torso." In other words, the babies were supposed to be twins, but one never developed properly and became deformed.

    The baby boy has thankfully undergone successful surgery and is in stable condition since the extra limbs have been removed. The father of the baby, only identified as Mr. Chen, has admitted to feeling guilty over the fact that he often chose work over taking his wife to many of her prenatal appointments.

    But. That said, the mother did have at least five routine exams at local clinics during her pregnancy. And not one -- not a single one -- indicated there was anything wrong.

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    I ran into a new, very tired mom the other day and I couldn't help but remember back to when my now almost-10-year old was a baby.

    God, she never, ever slept.

    But the more kids I added, the more I felt okay letting them cry it out a bit, and surprise, the better they all slept, which led me to believe that it wasn't necessarily her. Maybe my sleepless nights were my own fault.

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    Up until 10 days ago, I hated breastfeeding. Absolutely loathed it. I had attempted to breastfeed my now-2-year-old daughter, and the experience left me feeling deflated and depressed at a time when I should have been over the moon.

    My little girl was healthy and had a healthy appetite -- that I couldn't manage to satisfy, which just made me feel like a horribly inadequate mom. Perhaps as a result of the fact that I was induced, I produced little milk at first, and coupled with the amount of stress I and everyone around me had placed in my breastfeeding success, nursing just wasn't happening.

    I trashed breastfeeding every opportunity I got and thought of myself as a cheerleader for bottle feeding -- which I definitely felt was needed given our culture's borderline nutso obsession with nursing.

    But two weeks ago I gave birth to my baby boy and everything changed. I'm breastfeeding and loving it -- not because I'm a better mom, but because of 5 factors that had nothing to do with me.

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    Happy spring! Have you been seeing more babies lately? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like now that it's warm, they're cropping up everywhere like spring flowers ... literally, like spring flowers and peas and strawberries. Here's 16 of the most insanely cute photos of babies dressed up as spring flowers, fruit and veggies.

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    Mom, I’m going to start by saying your choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner is driving me to do things I’d rather not: like wonder whether I’ve been adopted before I’ve even been born. Really, what was that excuse for food you sent down my tube thing the other day? Because it tasted like hummus mixed with eggs and raisins -- but that can’t be, right? I don’t know much about life on your planet yet, but surely that isn’t food meant for human consumption?

    And then there is this habit you have of only walking around during certain times of the day. What am I supposed to do when the sun goes down? It gets boring in here! I may as well lay it all on the line for you while I’m still here in your cocoon. I have a few more gripes and it’s about time someone (cough, cough) starts paying attention to them.

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