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    Pacifiers are a lifesaver for moms ... right up until the day you decide you want to wean your child off their beloved binky. Sure, there are the moms who swear their kids just went cold turkey. But they seem like the mystical Bigfoot -- you hear about them, but you never actually see them.

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    So how do you get your tot to give up the pacifier? The experts say binkies should be taken away well before adult teeth begin to come in to prevent any lifelong damage to their alignment.

    And fortunately, they have some ideas to help!

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    Since the "Back to Sleep" campaign in 1994 (a push to get infants to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS), tummy time has made its way into moms' vocabularies. Originally, doctors recommend "tummy time" (placing baby on his belly when he's awake) to help prevent cranial asymmetry, or as it's more commonly referred to as: a flat head. But even though that turned out to be a non-issue (babies' soft heads often round out by six months), some experts continued to recommend tummy time because it can help strengthen baby's neck, shoulders, arms, and body; it helps baby learn to roll, sit, and crawl; and some babies just enjoy being on their bellies.

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    Congratulations, you've survived the newborn phase. You've got the hang of diaper changing and feeding, you're getting some sleep (we hope), and you've even managed to start showering every day (okay, maybe every other). It's time to face the world and start socializing again. Maybe seek out a new mom group or a "playdate" group so you and your baby can make new friends.

    Of course it's great for you to connect with other moms, but how important is it that your baby connect with other babies?

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    Most 2-month-old babies aren't capable of doing much more than eating, sleeping, pooping, or just beginning to laugh. But one baby has surpassed all of her milestones and has uttered those three little words every parent can't wait to hear. She said, "I love you" to her dad.

    In a video posted by the tiny baby's mom, the baby girl is cooing and babbling like wild, trying her hardest to repeat after her dad. Then after multiple attempts, she faintly says, "I love you." And all our ovaries explode.

    Take a look:

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    Shortly after your baby flashes you his first gummy smile, he'll likely melt your heart with his first laugh. "This important social milestone is usually achieved around 4 months, but some babies laugh as early as 2 months, and others much later," says Jennifer Gardner, MD, a pediatrician and founder of the Healthy Kids Company. "And it's important to keep in mind that the laughter of a baby usually starts out as a squeal and a smile, not a hearty belly laugh!"

    Babies typically first "laugh" in their sleep, so, unbeknownst to you, this adorable new trick might be missed the very first time it happens. But don't worry. There are plenty of ways to get -- and keep -- your little one giggling. And once you discover the, often random, thing that cracks your baby up, neither of you will be able to get enough!

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    When you think "attachment parent," you might think of some kind of hippie martyr mom who wears her baby in a sling, breastfeeds on demand, and co-sleeps with her 3-year-old. She's the type of mom who quit her job, gave up girls' nights for washing cloth diapers, acts judgy, and lives only for her kids. You'd be partly right. The latter (the judgy mom who sacrifices everything for her baby) is an urban legend. But the stuff about the sling, the breastfeeding, and the co-sleeping -- those things might be true. But, and this is well worth noting, you don't have to do all of that or even any of it to be an attachment parent. Attachment parenting, a term coined by William Sears, is all about creating a close bond with your baby.

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    Like all milestones, there isn't an exact age during which an internal alarm clock start ringing and your baby rolls over on cue. But there is a range during which you should be on the lookout for this baby triumph.

    "Typically, babies roll over between 4 and 5 months, says Jennifer Gardner, MD, a pediatrician, and founder of the Healthy Kids Company. But a little earlier -- or later -- is also normal.

    First, you'll see your baby roll over from his belly to his back. And once he's a pro at that, he'll go from back to belly. (Make sure you've got the video camera ready!)

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    The date, year, time, and place their little one is born will hold special significance to a mom no matter what. But it's also the key to learning a lot about your baby's personality! Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, explore how a child's sun sign helps color their world in their new book Momstrology. It's the perfect "guide to parenting by the stars."

    Here, a few highlights on each sign for any and every mom who has ever wondered what their baby will grow up to be like ...

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    Busy Philipps has an adorable way of describing how her 8-month-old baby moves. "Cricket is doing something that we're calling -- it's not crawling -- on-land swimming," Philipps told Us magazine. "Because she's moving, she's not crawling. Like she's swimming on land, and you cannot leave her alone. She'll get to where she wants to go by swimming on land. She's really fast and she's on the move." Aww, most of you with kids know exactly what she means. It's that floppy form of travel babies do. "Swimming on land" is a clever way to put it.

    Babies have all sorts of crazy movements that require their own terminology -- here's 10 more.

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    The minute your baby enters the world, time suddenly speeds up. That first year may seem to crawl by when it's 2:00 in the morning and you're trying to get your little one to sleep already. But believe me, next thing you know, you'll be celebrating the first birthday and wondering what just happened. So here are 30 things you should do with your baby in that first year -- your baby bucket list!

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