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    I ran into a new, very tired mom the other day and I couldn't help but remember back to when my now almost-10-year old was a baby.

    God, she never, ever slept.

    But the more kids I added, the more I felt okay letting them cry it out a bit, and surprise, the better they all slept, which led me to believe that it wasn't necessarily her. Maybe my sleepless nights were my own fault.

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    Spring is here and that means ... family road trip! I'm so glad you decided to travel with your little one because this is what family bonding is all about. Babies, even when they are the littlest, love to see and be in new places. Plus, think of all the amazing photo ops you will have for the baby book!

    Being on the road with a baby and while breastfeeding can present a few challenges, but nothing you can't prepare yourself for, and nothing that can't be solved. Here are some tips to breastfeed while on a road trip. They're simple, but they can help your trip be easier and without any added stress.

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    You're fast asleep, sleeping the sleep that only an exhausted mom can sleep, when you hear it. Your baby is crying. At first it's faint. But as the clouds of consciousness slowly part, you have to admit: You are not hearing things. This is not a dream. Your baby really has woken up. And you -- or someone -- has to do something about it. Arghh! Again?!? Here are all the thoughts we have when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

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    I'm giving birth to a baby boy, oh, any minute now. As someone who usually follows social norms, I'm really surprised by how put off I am by the thought of circumcision. Growing up in the U.S., circumcised penises seem normal to me, but I can't wrap my mind around why I'd willingly let a doctor cut off a piece of skin located on the most sensitive part of his male sexual organ. It seems bananas!

    With that said, I also don't want him to mature into a teen and realize his penis is different. I don't want him to feel more self-conscious about his body than he probably already will at age 16. Is that a good enough reason to circumcise him? Probably not. And I'm still on the fence about this decision (despite the ticking clock), but here are 24 real-life quotes from moms and dads who either chose to circumcise or chose not to circumcise their baby boys.

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    There are few things on this Earth more sensitive than a baby's skin. Seeing red or itchy-looking bumps on your little one can be scary, but typically, it's nothing to worry about and easily cured. The odds of your baby developing some sort of rash or condition in the first 18 months of their life due to various factors are relatively high, but don't worry -- it's usually perfectly normal.

    Here's a round-up of some of the more common skin conditions you'll likely see during your baby's infanthood.

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    We care about how safe our babies' strollers are. But have you ever considered how a stroller can affect your baby's brain? You may be surprised at how much it matters. Neuro-psychologist Sally Goddard Blythe recently spoke about this at a What About the Children conference. She's concerned that babies are spending more and more time in strollers, car seats, and other equipment. Too much time in a front-facing stroller can limit your baby's speech and physical development.

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    Do you try to avoid spending money on tons of extra things your kids don't really need? Don't call yourself frugal, call yourself on-trend: you're part of the minimalist parenting way of being. Sure, saving cash by not filling every room in your house with the latest battery-powered Fisher-Price Blat-N-Learn may sound like a fairly basic concept, but you guys, it's totally cutting edge. It's a Pinterest-friendly lifestyle movement. (And if you're a thrifty dad, you can officially call yourself a manimalist.)

    I feel like every week I hear about some brand-new method of raising kids, but when I actually learn what the term means, it's not particularly groundbreaking at all. What's with our annoying tendency to lump diverse parenting choices into one specific buzzword, I wonder? (Aside from the fact that it drives advice book sales, of course.)

    If you're not sure what I mean, here are 5 more examples of "parenting trends" that sound WAY more complicated than they really are.

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    For some parents, the question isn't, "should you spank your children?" -- it's "how soon can you start spanking?" The answer made my jaw drop. 30 percent of babies are spanked before they can even walk. Seriously, that's not a typo: 30 percent of babies under the age of one are spanked by a parent at least once a month, according to a study of 2,788 families. Spanking babies ... really, parents? How's that working out for you?

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    Parents will do anything to get their babies to sleep soundly. We'll drive around town for two hours if we know they only sleep well in car seats. We'll break our rule about giving them a bottle in the crib. Some of us will even throw the crib in the trash and let them sleep with us if it means they'll stay down for longer than five hours. Well, if you're like me and have ever used a sleep machine to help lull your baby to bed, start weeping now: a new study suggests white noise machines can harm babies' hearing.

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    The decision to circumcise a baby boy is very personal -- sometimes religious, sometimes not -- and one that many parents spend a long time debating or discussing with medical professionals prior to making the call.

    Like lots of moms and dads, Orange Is the New Black star Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen made the choice to have new baby Sid circumcised. If you know anything about these two or follow their frequent Instagram and Twitter postings, you are well aware of the fact that they both possess an identical sense of humor -- one that appreciates a dark joke or two. I wasn't at all shocked when they shared photos after the procedure, along with funny quips about it. But their lack of seriousness about the hot topic caused an absolute uproar among some parents, who are accusing them of mutilation.

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