Obama Babies, McCain Palin Babies, Valentine's Babies, And You?


The original

baby Sarah Palin


I always say that I'm a Valentine's Baby. No, not because I was born on Valentine's Day, but because I was born nine months later. (So now we all know what my parents were doing on Valentine's Day.)

A while back, I blogged about a couple that named their baby Sarah McCain Palin. The dad did it without his wife's knowledge to get the word out about the Republican ticket. By the way, this is the "original" Sarah Palin as a baby—isn't she cute?

And now, post-election, people all over the world are naming their newborns Barack Obama, and at least one woman has named her daughter Michelle Obama. So that's what I thought the phrase "Obama Baby" meant—a baby who was named after Barack. But I was wrong.



The original

baby Barack Obama


The phrase "Obama Baby" has been added to the Urban Dictionary, and it means: "A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex ..."

So an Obama Baby is not a baby who has been named after the President-elect nor is it a baby who was born on election day (like my friend Cafe Sheri, who blogs over at the Home & Garden Buzz)—and it's not even a baby who is born in November of this year.

An Obama Baby is a baby who is born in July 2009.

Looks like they'll get the same looks I get when I say I'm a Valentine's Baby. They'll get used to it—you just have to give people a minute to do the math.

Are you a blackout baby or a blizzard baby or any kind of baby? What about your own baby? Was it a special day or event that got him or her "underway"?

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