Bow Ties On Babies!

bowtie baby

Photo by cafemama


Can we just take a moment to marvel at the cuteness here?!

Introducing cafemama's son Owen modeling a very fashionable bow tie.

Bow ties for babies? Oh yes!


It's strange -- I used to freak out over clothes for myself, shoes I see in a magazine or a pretty blouse online, but now it's all about the kids. I need this for my son.

Okay that's not exactly true, I still obsess over clothes for me, but now add in all the cute things I want for the twins and it's enough to make us eat mac and cheese every night for the rest of our lives. Which I really wouldn't mind, but ....

Monkey Bum Baby Designs sells a few different prints of baby bow ties for $16 each.

Does your little boy have a bow tie?

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