Vera Farmiga's Job Was "Up In the Air" When Baby News Came

vera farmiga
Flickr photo by csztova
Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga had to return to work two weeks after she had her son, Flynn, who is now 13 months old. Two weeks!

She said she felt the studio behind the movie Up In the Air was panicking when she revealed her pregnancy after she was already cast in the role that eventually earned her a Best Supporting Actress nod.


I'm so happy to know they didn't remove her from the role -- Farmiga says she needed to work to pay her mortgage.

I know how hard it was for me to return to work 12 weeks postpartum -- a mere two weeks must have been heartwrenching for her.

But Vera did get to go to work with George Clooney.

Still, her little man Flynn is much cuter. Softer to kiss as well -- not as much facial hair as Clooney.

She did mention how she can "never reclaim those precious moments" with her son when she had to be at work instead.

I still feel that way, even now, almost four months after my twins were born.

Did you return to work after pregnancy? How soon?


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