Would You Introduce Your Baby to Your Ex? Kendra Did

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

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Kendra Wilkinson, new mom to Hank Jr., is taking her son to meet her ex -- Hugh Hefner.

Could Hank Jr. be the coolest baby on the planet, having the bragging rights that he's pottied at the Playboy mansion or is it just weird that he's meeting mommy's ex?


I'm one of those people who is friends with exes...yes plural. And I don't mean just on Facebook.

My husband is in a band with an ex and I recently attended the wedding celebration of a former flame. Weird? Maybe. But it works for us. Though if you asked me a few years ago if I would be friends with exes I would have probably said hell, no. Sometimes things just happen.

Now Kendra, who gained fame from her relationship with Hef, also has her dalliances with her previous love interest all on film. The Girls Next Door aired for five years with her on the show. So those sweet nothings, smooches, hand holding, and jumping in bed with another man are all there for Hank Jr. to see when he gets older.

Of course, so is the nude Playboy spread.

I happen to love Kendra -- well, what I know of her on TV. She seems bubbly and sweet, and even though her laugh annoyed me early on, I find it adorable now. Her husband, football player Hank Baskett, is a cutie and they seem to have a solid relationship. Plus, Kendra and I were pregnant and had our babies around the same time.

I, like Kendra, have a past that isn't exactly G-rated (I've written about sex extensively) and someday when my kids are old enough to discover that mommy wrote a book with suggestions on sex positions alongside very graphic photos (of models, not me!) they may either hate it or think it's terribly cool (but they might not admit it).

My twins are only 3 months old, so I have time for that and I plan on being a very open and honest parent -- I'm not going to hide things from them, but I will only share things with them when I think the time is right for them to understand.

My ex has met my twins. But I certainly wouldn't introduce them to all my exes. There are some I wish I never was introduced to! So I don't think it's odd or unhealthy for Hef to meet little Hank. Big Hank doesn't seem to mind, so why should we?

Would you introduce your baby to your ex?


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