Did You Name Your Baby After a TV or Movie Character?

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My husband and I were in full nesting mode this past winter when the twins were born. Our preemies basically nursed, then slept. I did the same, mostly -- nurse, sleep, nurse, sleep -- but we did manage to watch some movies. One of those movies was The Brothers Bloom with Rachel Weisz who plays a quirky little thing named Penelope. My daughter's name.

We didn't name Penelope after a character on TV or film, but after watching this, she sure did the name right. As does Penelope Cruz, who I love! Maybe she subconsciously inspired the name?


We chose Penelope from one of the many dogeared pages in a name book. There were tons of baby names we liked but didn't choose, and there was something about Penelope and the way it rolls off the tongue that made it an enchanting name. It sounded to me like a ballerina woodland creature who wore tutus and had butterfly wings. It was the perfect name for the very active little bean in my belly.

Hunter wasn't named for Hunter S. Thompson or those adorable rain boots that Cynthia wears. It just came to me one day during my second trimester, probably while I was eating a burrito (the only thing I seemed to eat then), when my husband and I were talking about names. Thank goodness I didn't name him Guacamole, right? I was feeling ravenous (hence all the burritos) and Hunter has that strong grrrr feel to it. Even though little man was born under five pounds, it's the perfect name for my wee warrior who wasn't getting enough nutrients from my stupid placenta.

With so many great names coming from film or TV, either the stars or their characters -- Mila, Scarlett, and Jamie -- it's certainly a good place to find inspiration.

Did you name your baby after a TV or movie character?

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