Diaper Rash Really Hurts...Me


Photo by Cafe MicheleZ

My poor little Penelope has a bad case of diaper rash. Not that there is a good case to have...it's all bad.

Her twin brother's bum is fine though.

What's odd is that she got it shortly after we switched to natural wipes.


I was opposed to any non-natural wipes, but we got a massive box of them from one of those buy-in-bulk stores and well, we're not made of money so we used them.

We finally used them all up and started on the organic natural ones and a week later, Penelope's bum is all red.

I think it hurts me more than it hurts her. But then again, any memories of diaper rash I may have had are long gone. I imagine it hurts like a hemorrhoid or a yeast infection -- the kind of ick that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Oh my poor little girl.

So I find it odd that when I switched to something "better" she gets this rash. But a friend told me that sometimes it doesn't matter with babies -- they get used to something and when there is a change, they can be affected.

We are giving Penelope some naked air-it-out time, switched back to the other wipes, and are using a cream to soothe her little tush. I hope it goes away soon -- it's killing me.

Has your baby had diaper rash yet? What has worked to clear it up the fastest?


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