Nursing Mom Kendra Wilkinson Wants Smaller Boobs

watermelons stackedKendra Wilkinson, the 24 year old reality star and new mama to Hank Jr., is considering breast reduction surgery after she finishes breastfeeding.

According to Celebrity Baby Scoop (via Life & Style), she thinks her size 34D boobs are too big now and she's been talking to hubby Hank Baskett about "breast reduction" surgery.

I don't know much about this, but I think the accurate medical name for this type of procedure is really "remove the implants that made your breast abnormally huge in the first place so they look normal again" surgery.


I hope Kendra realizes that her breasts might be looking a little bigger than usual these days because, well, there's milk in there. Or maybe she really does want to go a tad smaller, so she looks more like a regular mom and less like a Playboy bunny.

Whatever. But perhaps she should wait until after she's done breastfeeding so she (and her husband) can get a good, er, feel for the situation. Pregnancy hormones often alter breast size, shape and texture whether you breastfeed or not. So she might change her mind pretty quickly about those implants.

Have you ever considered breast surgery after pregnancy, either to make them bigger or shrink them down?


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