My Streetwalking Protocol

twin strollerI'm talking about going for walks with my babies snug in their stroller...not sassing it up to make some extra money. (Though some extra dough would really help!)

You are probably thinking it's a walk! Just put one foot in front of the other as you push the carriage, right?

Well, it's not as simple as that for me. I'd do anything to protect my two-month-olds. Anything. But in the name of keeping us all safe, I've created rules. And yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts. But he knows I'm right -- he just won't admit it.


--If I'm with my husband and I'm pushing the stroller, I'll make him stand on the part of the sidewalk closest to traffic.

--I wait on the sidewalk until it's clear to cross the street. I'll never inch the stroller out into the street. Why would you? Your child will be first to get hit by a car!

--And yes, I look both ways. You never know if a car is going to back up.

--I always cross at corners. And never between cars.

--When crossing the street, I continue to check for cars, especially cars that are turning because sometimes they aren't paying attention to us streetwalkers.

--I won't let go of the stroller unless I put the brakes on. You saw the baby who got hit by a train, right? He lived, but still!

--I make sure my kids are strapped in properly. I saw a dad pushing his two kids in a double wide and he went over a bump and the kids fell out. They were toddlers and laughed it off, but what if they didn't?

I know these things sound simple and obvious, but I see so many people putting their kids at risk. Sure, they don't mean to, but maybe, just maybe, this list can help others be more aware. It sure keeps me alert.

Am I missing anything? Be honest, do you practice savvy streetwalking?


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