Oh, The Places They Go!

child playing on toilet

Photo by jridgill

CafeMom Jennifer (jridgill) shares a story about her very active 16 month old, who's crawling and walking everywhere these days!

From the moment Xander wakes, he is into something! He looks for cups or plates that Daddy might have left behind. He goes by the bathroom to see if the door was left open by sissy.

Sometimes she forgets and by the time I can get there he is already into something. Like the toilet or toilet paper. I call him my mischief maker.

Baby standing on toilet seat

Photo by jridgill

One of his favorite things to do is to play with the dog water and food bowl. That can get messy!

I have to keep a very close eye on him at all times because he is so fast. It only takes a second for him to get into something and off he goes.

He definitely keeps us on our toes at all times!

Do you have a crawling (or walking) little mischief maker? What has he gotten into lately?


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