Embrace Infant Warmer Will Save Babies' Lives

It's always a better day when I read about something that helps to save the lives of babies.

The Embrace Infant Warmer is a simple, cheap incubator that could save the lives of 1 million premature and health compromised babies in India in the next 10 years. Watch the video or click to hear social entrepreneur Jane Chen describe it on Ted.com.


Incubators cost $20,000 -- not realistic for this struggling country. Currently, new moms and midwives will rig up dangerous or ineffective contraptions like water bottles or hanging lightbulbs to try to keep babies warm.

The Embrace Warmer looks like a mini sleeping bag and costs just $25. A mom or midwife melts a packet of sealed wax with hot water, which is designed to radiate heat at normal body temperature. The pack which slips into the sleeping bag, keeps baby's body temperature up for 4-6 hours, and when it cools off,  you just douse it with hot water again to heat it back up.


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