Baby of the Week: Lila

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Photo by BestTeenMommy


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Who:  Lila Riley, 4 months old, daughter of BestTeenMommy. She was born three days after her due date on October 12th. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, and was 21.5 inches long. I went into labor right when I was getting into bed at 10:45 p.m., and just five hours later she was born at 3:41 a.m.


How long does she sleep at night?

She is very good at sleeping. She started sleeping through the night when she was 2 months old. She usually goes to sleep at about midnight, wakes up at about 8, and then sleeps for about two more hours after that before she's up for the day. She takes about 30 minute naps during the day, and a two hour nap in the afternoon, so I get to spend a lot of time with her while she's awake.

What makes her smile?

She loves smiling! She smiles every time someone smiles at her, when she meets someone new, and always when she wakes up.

What is her latest milestone?

Lately she just started laughing at everything someone does to copy her. It's really funny to watch.

What is her fussiest time of day?

In the evening before she goes to bed.

What will she do for a future career?

I'm sure whatever she chooses it will be something where she will be super active. Ever since I was pregnant with her she's been a kicker and she's always so energetic.


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