Breastfeeding Pets (Gross News of the Day)

calf suckling cow's teatWhen I first learned about breast milk ice cream and husbands sneaking a taste from their wives' teats, I squirmed a little but got over it. But when this disturbing story about nursing moms breastfeeding their dogs, pigs and Lord Knows What Else came across my web radar, I ran for the bathroom.

I didn't throw up. But being pretty firmly against the idea of anything remotely non-human lapping at my breasts, finding a toilet seemed like a normal reaction.

Even at my age, I guess I am still so naive to the things people can find to do behind closed doors, in dark closets, or on the public stage that is the Internet, because lots of moms are not ashamed of nursing Fluffy and Fido. Just Google around and you'll see numerous posts on message boards saying how wonderful and practical nursing animals is.


Some of them even take pictures. For real. One mom named Suzanna Morgan snapped a pix of herself nursing her lapdog Dixie, as seen on the SoJones blog.

How did it ever come to this? Morgan explains that she ran out of dog food one day, and decided to feed her pooch some stored breast milk from a container to tide her over till she could get to the store. Eh, that doesn't bother me so much. But her little "experiment" went a bit too far, wouldn't you agree?

The SoJones post even has a photo of a woman from another country nursing a child and a farm animal at the same time. Perhaps in drought-laden, desperate Third World countries with food shortages, perhaps this could be justified ... perhaps. In a suburban living room cluttered with plastic toys and the Price Is Right playing on the flatscreen in the background, not so much.

So ... would you, did you, could you ever in a gazillion years ... ?


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