Getting Gear: Reuse or Buy New for Second Baby?

newborn girl

Photo by LelandsMommy

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who gets another baby shower for the second (or third or fourth) child. Or maybe you're like Christiane Lemieux at, who has to decide which baby items she'd reuse and which ones she'd buy new for her second baby.

She shows a great collection of baby gear she would not reuse on her blog, including a sleek black infant car seat, a compact space-saving crib, and an infant sink bathtub that stores flat -- check out her dream wants on her blog. I couldn't have justified most of this stuff purely on a "looks cool" basis.

I feel you should try to reuse what you can, if not for the environment but to save the money for piano lessons or college. My daughter wore blue pajamas with trucks and dinosaurs for the first three years of her life.

But there are some good reasons for justifying new stuff, besides the fact that you are a mom and you deserve it.

My own list of bought new and resused:


Bought New

1. Infant Car Seat

The police department gave us a new one during an installation clinic because the one we used for my first child had a defective part, yikes!

2. Baby Bottles

The inside anti-colic tubes we used for our old Dr. Brown's bottles were all brown and yucky. BPA wasn't in the mom vocabulary yet.

3. Onesies

Yellow stains. Yuck. You just can't pass them down.

4. Bibs

Same as above, yuck.


1. Baby Carrier

The more you use them, the more comfortable it was for me.

2. Maclaren Stroller

I was in love with this stroller. I still am. As much as I loved the new colors when my daughter came along two years after buying the first one, I couldn't justify the price when my old faded but sturdy model still did the job.

3. Exersaucer

So what if my firstborn had ripped off a few of the attachments. My daughter was just thrilled to spin around in the seat.

4. Disposable Diapers

(Kidding :) Wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

What baby items did you reuse and which did you buy new the second time around?

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