Do Super Skinny Celebrity Moms Inspire You?

Jessica Alba

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Celebrities losing all their baby weight about three minutes after giving birth has become so commonplace ... Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Rebecca Romjin, Nicole Ritchie ... that who can blame the rest of us for feeling like fat slobs when we fail to do the same.

Heck, Heidi Klum, who gained 45 pounds during her last pregnancy, was back on the runway six weeks after giving birth! I only started combing my hair again after about that time and I thought that was pretty good.

A health agency in England has come out publicly to say these celebrities are putting too much pressure on regular moms to lose weight rapidly, according to the Telegraph Online.


Not only is it unhealthy for mom and baby (who may be breastfeeding), it's unrealistic. Celebrities have trainers, nutritionists, chefs and child care to help them look good again so quickly.

The Telegraph article says agencies need to include a health weight loss program as part of post natal follow-up and visits. This is a good point. Doctors pay so much attention to the mother's weight before baby is born, but I don't remember my OB weighing me or asking anything about what I'm eating at my 6 week checkup or beyond.

Obesity is such a problem in this country. If you coast around CafeMom, you'll find many moms who still haven't shed the pounds two, three, four years or more after having a baby. Seems to me the problem facing real moms is not eating too little or exercising too much but not making enough of an attempt to slim down after baby. Maybe these celebrities, though extreme, are good examples in a way because they show that we need to pay more attention to ourselves just as much once baby is here, not to be able to wear bikinis but to feel and look good for our own health.


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