Mom Who Breastfed Wrong Baby Sues Hospital


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Breastfeeding another woman's baby isn't a big deal to a lot of moms. Selma Hayek made headlines when she nursed a sick infant in the Sierra Leone last year, and an entire community banded together to breastfeed a motherless infant for six months. Wet nurses have existed for eons.

A new mom in the Chicago area thinks breastfeeding another woman's baby is a huge deal, so much so that she's suing her delivering hospital for accidentally giving her another baby to breastfeed, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

In January 2008, the nurse woke Jennifer Spiegel at 4 a.m. and handed her a baby to breastfeed, which she did. The little boy was swaddled and wearing a cap, so Spiegel could not see the baby's hair. Eventually the nurse realized she'd given Spiegel the wrong baby, returned both babies to their rightful mothers, and gave a tearful apology.

But it was not enough, according to the woman's husband Scott Spiegel, an attorney. The couple is suing Evanston Hospital in Illinois for at least $30,000 in damages.

"It was just an awful, internal feeling," Jennifer Spiegel, a teacher, told the Sun-Times.

She says she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. How would you feel if this happened to you? -- take the poll.


How would you have reacted to the hospital giving you another mom's baby to breastfeed?

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Have you ever breastfed another mom's baby? How is it different from nursing your own child?


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Ruby1977 Ruby1977

Geez even in my small town hospital they check Mom & baby's bracelets every time they bring baby in no matter what the circumstances. I would have been upset yes, but I would have filed a complaint with the nurse supervisor so she could be professionally reprimanded for her mistake. I wouldn't have sued. There's no damage in nursing a child! That baby will not remember who nursed him and in time, neither will Mom.

mommy... mommy2boyz143

well i would be more pissed if i was the mother whos baby was breastfed by someone else...

snowy... snowysakurasky

it would only be bad if my baby had gone hungry or the other baby infected me with something. however she makes a good point that there is certainly a problem with how they're doing things there if this happened

AK_aries AK_aries

I would have been more upset over my baby being nursed by another woman than if I nersed the wrong baby.  Still pretty pissed off though.  I worked hard to keep things natural for my baby during birth and postpartum, and there is no gaurantee another mom did the same.  If I was the other baby's mom, I would sue, but not in this instance.

Saras... Sarasahmof3

With my first I was so engorged I would have fed any baby for relief. I am concerned more for the switch than the feeding though. What if the wrong baby went home with the wrong mom.

MistyMoo MistyMoo

Was the baby not wearing an ID bracelet? LOL.. yeah it would gave been slightly upsetting not getting the right baby, but That's a little extreme! It would have taken both of them all of two seconds to check the ID bracelet!

nonmember avatar Rowan

Are you kidding me...was the baby of another race? Sick or anything. She gave the small gift of life...

Husband's. A lawyer ...says it all.

I had 4 kids but never breast feed...gave mine and others lots of bottles and wiped a lot of bottoms.

exnomax exnomax

I tought they did not make those mistakes anymore. plus my baby stayed with me the whole time. when they took her to wash her my husband walked with them. and watched everything.

Dorky... Dorky-momma

I'd be upset cuz I was always afraid of getting the wrong baby but its not like she did it on purpose I mean Obviously if she said sorry with tears come on if ur kid wasn't hurt in any type of way Idk y u need the money so. Bad

Proud... ProudMommy0929

its understandable that she was upset...but she's upset over the wrong thing. The babies were switched...but (thank God) were given back to their rightful mommies. I kno breastfeeding is bonding time with your baby...but this woman should just be thankful that she got the right baby back in the end. As far as her suing...that just shows what gold diggers she and her husband are. Damages? What damages exactly? Did the baby latch on wrong and rip her whole boob off or somethin? Come on now. Even she should kno that she's pushin it. When my boys were born...we all had ID bracelets. So there could never be a mix up like this. Cuz everytime they handed my baby to me...they checked to make sure the bracelets matched. Maybe this hospital should invest in some ID bracelets for their new mommies and babies.

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