Mom Who Breastfed Wrong Baby Sues Hospital


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Breastfeeding another woman's baby isn't a big deal to a lot of moms. Selma Hayek made headlines when she nursed a sick infant in the Sierra Leone last year, and an entire community banded together to breastfeed a motherless infant for six months. Wet nurses have existed for eons.

A new mom in the Chicago area thinks breastfeeding another woman's baby is a huge deal, so much so that she's suing her delivering hospital for accidentally giving her another baby to breastfeed, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

In January 2008, the nurse woke Jennifer Spiegel at 4 a.m. and handed her a baby to breastfeed, which she did. The little boy was swaddled and wearing a cap, so Spiegel could not see the baby's hair. Eventually the nurse realized she'd given Spiegel the wrong baby, returned both babies to their rightful mothers, and gave a tearful apology.

But it was not enough, according to the woman's husband Scott Spiegel, an attorney. The couple is suing Evanston Hospital in Illinois for at least $30,000 in damages.

"It was just an awful, internal feeling," Jennifer Spiegel, a teacher, told the Sun-Times.

She says she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. How would you feel if this happened to you? -- take the poll.


How would you have reacted to the hospital giving you another mom's baby to breastfeed?

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Have you ever breastfed another mom's baby? How is it different from nursing your own child?


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nicol... nicole4ray

The breastfeeding a different baby part wouldn't bother me. It's the fact that she was given the wrong baby. In my hospital, even if it's 4 in the morning, they scan our wrist bands and make sure they're giving us the correct baby. I'd be pissed if I was given the wrong baby, because that would mean somebody else has my baby. And what if the person who is given my baby formula feeds? Then they would give my baby formula, and that would make breastfeeding harder. So I'd be more pissed about being given the wrong child.

juju40 juju40

hello did she not check the tag I know when i had my daughter my number had to match hers.. do they not do that anymore?

ktok2009 ktok2009

Fantastic. Another frivolous lawsuit that will drive my already insane insurance premiums up. The hospital doesn't pay for these mistakes, we do. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a big deal. I wonder if they would have considered a lawsuit had her husband been, say, an accountant rather than an attorney. He's a lawyer and they've got dollar signs in their eyes. No harm, no foul, they certainly do not deserve $30k or more for an honest mistake that brought harm to no one.

spaan... spaangel13

That couple is just out for money...plain and simple!  That is utterly ridiculous.  Yes, I would be upset for the mix up and yes it could be worse...taking home the wrong baby; but to sue for money over this!?  And I love how they come up with the figure of $30k.  lol   I want to just shake that woman into submission. 

nonmember avatar mom of one

Did the mom not know her own child? When my daughter was born 9 years ago the hospital left the newborns in the mother's room and ID band were checked constantly. My husband also had an ID band and the nurses checked it anytime he was on the L/D floor. Being a former L/D nurse myself, I know that mistakes happen but a mom knows her own baby the minute they are born. If the parents were so concerned over the safety of their child why did they let it go to the nursery at all?

xavie... xavierlogan09

i don't see how she didn't know that the baby wasn't her child. even when my son was swaddled and covered up i still knew it was him. i had him four months ago and the hospital made me read off numbers and his last name to be positive it was him. i would be very upset if she gave me the wrong baby. she's just trying to sue for money. because honestly there isn't 30 grand in damages. as long as both babies were healthy and safe no one was hurt. she should have been more concerned on where her child was and if he or she was safe. how did she go that long without knowing it wasn't her child?

KatieP. KatieP.

I don't see the big deal really, most hospitals babies are banded and they do extensive band checks before procedures, going home, etc.... My sister had a baby at the same time I did and we breastfed each others babies, granted we are sisters but really I wouldn't care whose baby it was as long as the mother was Ok with me feeding her baby.....

Cryst... Crystal8327

I might be  upset but not enough to sue. What if I was breastfeeding someone elses baby while my baby was given to the formula feeding mother, or what if the other mother was not so healthy and breastfeeding my baby or worse take the wrong baby home. It depends on the circumstances but because of all these what ifs I can see why she would want to sue. They need to be taught a lesson. And the hospital I gave birth at checked my id on my wrist and matched it up every time with my son even though they knew my face and baby after the first day it was just procedure, no room to mess up, what  hospital doesn't do this?

joyfu... joyfulmom30

I think I would have been upset, but to sue the hospital..come on, that's just crazy! Some people are "too sue happy". I guess that's why there are so many lawyers out there too.

unset... unsettledinutah

What about the baby who was breastfed by the wrong mother?  Now I think THAT might warrant a lawsuit. 

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