Breastfeeding Encouragement Cards: Would You Send One?

support for new moms card

Mom encouragement card

from Hallmark

When my kids were babies and I was exhausted and whiny all the time, it really helped when my mom friends of older children reassured me, "Don't worry, it does get better. You will sleep again. Trust me."

So the way I see it, those congratulatory birth cards are nice, but it's after the baby has been here for a few days ... weeks .. months ... that moms most need those gestures of support and hope.

Well, Hallmark has a new line of greeting cards called The Edge of Motherhood for precisely that "how am I going to survive this" period of new motherhood.

Here's a sample at left, but there's also a greeting card that encourages breastfeeding.

No matter the message, all the cards are funny and light -- exactly what moms need a little of on any average day. Apparently, most of the cards were designed and created by real moms, according to the Facebook Fan Page.


Others cards in the line poke fun at all the pediatrician lingo on growth charts and percentiles, and even reach out to the discouraged pregnant mama, telling her "this will all end in something wonderful" and complimenting her on "how good her boobs look."

One mom saw the cards at Walmart, but you can also personalize your own card and message on Hallmark's online site. Click to see the breastfeeding encouragement card.

My friends were right. It does get better, but I could still use a card now and then that says "you will see the inside of a restaurant again" and "the whining phase will end eventually."

Do you have a friend that needs a card like this right now? Would you send -- or like to receive -- a breastfeeding encouragement card? Would it help you to keep nursing?


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