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Sarahlouise Whetstone

Some parents need to be shot. They claim to love their kids and yet let them suffer or put them at risk with stupid little comments like "oh its only 5mins nothing will happen" ... Just takes ONE TINY issue like a fire or something.
As for leaving them in dirty nappies and letting them get nappy rash, I hope when they get elderly (the parents) the carers leave you sitting in your dirty underwear. Its sick.

Kryst... Krysta622

Leaving babies alone in the house?  Driving with a BABY with no car seat?  I'm guilty of some things that others might not agree with, but those 2 are not simply poor choices, they're DANGEROUS choices.

nonmember avatar Heather A.

Can't believe the mom who is tricking her husband into having another baby. HE. IS. NOT. READY. How selfish can one person be? If he can't trust her to honor a monumental decision like that, she should not be married.

I wish there was a way to find out who it is and let him know. I hope he suspects it anyway and has secretly had a vasectomy.

tasks... tasksgirl

Yeah these are all HORRIBLE..

Gkmandy Gkmandy

how rude to your child leaving him/her in a dirty diaper. How tired can you be to change the diaper. It takes less than 3 minutes. How terrible

nonmember avatar Em

Number #7 is not silly. It is RECKLESS, IDIOTIC and down-right STUPID. In those 10 miles that the baby was not in a car seat, there could have been a car accident, and slipped through his mothers hands. Some people.

Jamie Frank

YOU NEVER LEAVE A CHILD ALONE FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME. what retards. seriously it has to be annoymous otherwise child services would be called, by me. some really stupid people out there are allowed to procreate. the government gets into every aspect of our lives they seem to need to be in peoples reproductive organs as well. maybe there needs to be some kind of reversible neutering/spaying system in place for our teens and adults too until people are actually capable of caring for a child they arent allowed to get pregnant. it should be like that since ive read so many stories especially this new year in 2012. people raping their children, people murdering speical needs kids, people abandoning kids or killing thier baby mommas or unborn kids. people dont deserve children they dont care for when theres already so many in the world that are unwanted anyway. or for others that cant conceive. this isnt fair  to the babies is all i mean, cuz their parents are going to jail anyway.

nonmember avatar miriah

Amazing that I don't have my daughter due to depression and having gallstones. So my house work slipped badly. My ex came home called cps and they took her from me. But these people....... these mothers get away with things that are much worse than what I did everyday. I don't get it. Can someone please explain to me how this makes sense?

Rebecca Joshua Rodriguez

omfg that was soemthing that sent my attitude out the window some of these things are horrendous. I know I am by far a perfect mom but I dont leave my house without my son, I put him properly in his car seat when we are driving, and I make sure he always has a clean diaper on. I dont leave him unattended in a room for more then 2 seconds cause in that time frame something could happen. Some people are to selfish. As long as I have an hour to relax by myself a day Im good with being a mom. Some days being a stay at home mom is stressful like today but its not my sons fault. I always make sure he is safe, fed, clean, and happy. This article proves that there are people who should never be parents.

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