What to Do When Baby Bites

photo by Bamm27

Is your baby a biter? lovinmamma2's son is—he bites lots of kids and he just bit the hostess of a coffee for new mom's. lovinmamma2 was really upset about it so she sought help from the Advice for Moms group.


"Wherever your child bites someone, you bite them in that same place ... they'll learn really quick," says ALL4JJL.

"Just discipline him the way you would for any other unwanted behavior whether it's a time-out, redirection, a firm talking to, or spanking," says jenerica. "Your LO will grow out of it when he realizes that biting is inappropriate behavior."

"My youngest son was a biter," says lcbowman. "They basically bite from frustration.  Don't bite back. This is just like hitting your child because they hit someone else. Do tell them it hurts when you bite and we only bite food. Try and help him find his words ... once they learn a better way, they use the better way."

Lori Walsh, M.D., a pediatrician in Glenview, Illinois, says in a Q&A column, that biting is a normal developmental phase for toddlers—and the best treatment for prevention starts when an infant turns one. Parents should be on the lookout for biting and if you notice it, gently tap your baby on the lips, look her in the eye and say very evenly, "no, biting." "Often times an infant will look and smile and then do it again as they test this new experience of being told no," says Dr. Walsh. "If this happens, do the same action and then put the infant down for a second."

Is your baby starting to bite things yet? What about people? How do you deal with it?

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