How Baby Daddies Bond

Babies smell so good. Every single one of them. But I once read that if you blindfold a mother she can pick her baby out of a group based on it's scent. It turns out that a baby's smell is important to dads too.


While a Baby Mama and her little bond almost instantly, it doesn't happen as easily with dads (even though I'm convinced my daughter couldn't care less if she ever saw me again when her daddy's around). But a new study shows that a baby's smell makes a dad more nurturing (his testosterone levels drop) and interested in bonding with the baby. When single men smelled the same baby, their testosterone levels stayed the same. It shows that when given the chance, a dad can connect with his newborn.

What can a dad do to bond? According to the experts, Baby Daddies should simply help with the baby's most basic needs—change diapers and help with feeding, especially overnight. Love that advice!

So when you and your Baby Daddy are arguing about whose turn it is to get up or change that poopie diaper, tell him it's his—the scientists say so.

How's your partner getting along with your baby?

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