Surprising Uses for Hospital Bag Freebies


baby in bath

Photo by SarahLoo

You know that little scrub brush they give you in your postpartum hospital bag, the one with extra soft bristles for messaging baby's head to treat cradle cap? My babies are 5 and 6, and I still use mine, except it's now our nail scrubber. It works great on little hands and gentle skin.

The lanolin ointment for breastfeeding is ideal for chapped lips.

My mop now sits in the plastic baby bath basin.

And those peri squeeze bottles that you use to gently cleanse your sore and battered nether regions after birth? Best. Water. Pistols. Ever.


Our buds at LilSugar shared more alternate uses for postpartum hospital bag items that even I never thought of. Click their fun slideshow to view all 7, then tell me ...

Are you or did you use any of your postpartum care items in ways other than intended? Share your creativity!


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