9 Year Old Girl Gives Birth, But She's Not the Youngest

great wall of china at sunset

I'm not sure what shocks me more about the 9 year old Chinese girl who gave birth to a 6 pound baby boy recently.

That this girl will still be a teenager when her son enters middle school. If need be, she could pass as his date at his high school prom.

Or that the baby boy was born healthy, after a cesarian section, and that the little girl is doing well after the birth (in gynecological respects, anyway).

But I think most shocking to me is that she's not even the youngest girl to have ever given birth. The youngest was 5. FIVE! Lina Medina gave birth to her son Gerardo in Lima, Peru, in 1939. Her father, a doctor who delivered the child, was suspected in the rape but never charged.


In the recent case, the parents of the girl, from Northeast China, refuse to discuss the pregnancy but have reported it to police, according to the Mail Online.

Police are still trying to find out who the father is so they can put that sick SOB away for a long, long time. In that province, sex with a child under the age of 14, even if she consented to the act, brings an automatic rape conviction and a lengthy jail sentence, according to the Mail Online.

Well, I should certainly hope so. At the very least. Sick sick sick sick sick.


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