Babies Documentary Trailer -- Wow, We Really Are Paranoid


The release of the documentary Babies is still a couple months away, but it's not too early to get a sneak peak of the official movie trailer on YouTube. Even watching this little snippet, you can really appreciate how varied childbearing is among different cultures, and how ... guarded? ... helicopter-ish? ... uptight? .... paranoid? we Western parents are compared to others around the world.

I know for sure none of my friends or relatives would would let their baby play by themselves by the water of a beach, and almost all of them would wet their own pants if a goat nuzzled up to their babies while in the bathtub.

The movie looks a one year in the life of four different babies around the world from Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco, and Tokyo. It looks amazing and I can't wait to see it.

Do you think Americans and other Western countries have become too cautious when raising our babies?

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Cafe... Cafe Jenn

That does look like an interesting documentary to watch.  I'll have to add it to my netflix queue.

Natsn... Natsnumberthree

 I hadn't heard of this before, but I think it will very interesting.  Americans do have strange thoughts of infancy and child raising.   I know my kids run around barefoot and play in the mud and I get odd looks all the time. 

Pishyah Pishyah

< Bounces in seat in excitement!

toria... toriandgrace

Now I'm completely uneducated on this issue, but I would like to see statistics of the number of children injured/ killed in different countries and from different causes. I personally do not think parents in the Western culture are too terribly over-protective. Riding a motorcycle holding an infant is seriously dangerous.

babonwy babonwy

LOL, yes we American moms are over protective LOL!

IMO, we are paying for it as well...being OVER-cautious (No, I wouldn't ride a motorcycle with my new baby) makes kids more insecure.

niami... niamibunni

I thought our kids also survive to see adulthood too.

Pollymom Pollymom

I agree that it looks really interesting. I want to see it. Other countries and cultures do think we're overprotective so to see the different styles of baby raising will be cool.

The goat and the bathtub thing doesn't bother me, but letting your baby play by water unattended? Just not wise considering how fast babies move...babies drown all the time - it only takes a second. As for the goat...since my kids bathe in a tub in our bathroom, I'd be thinking, "Where the hell did this goat come from?"

Queen... QueenOfNagsHead

I do think that a lot of americans are over protective parents, I mean I swear everytime I saw the american baby, it was being held or cuddled by an adult or in something that made it so they had no freedom to run or crawl. I think the Tokyo parents looked like the best parents, they cuddled and held their kids but let them have some freedom. The other 2 countries would def. have a problem with CS over here!

Lynette Lynette

lol, loved the goat!

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