Baby's First Year: Week 10 (Formula Supplement)


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Meet first-time mom starburst1680. She's sharing the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all the emotion and exhaustion — right up until Kathryn Grace's first birthday.

Week 10:

I can no longer say that we are exclusively breastfeeding. For the past two weeks or so we have had to supplement some. She is still getting mainly breastmilk and only one bottle of formula a day, if that. I wanted to go longer without formula but I was having trouble keeping up since going back to work. With the next baby I'll try to make sure I have a much bigger freezer stash before I go back to work than I did with Kathryn. I am sad that we have to give her any formula at all but glad that we are only having to give her a little formula and she is primarily getting breastmilk.


I think she might have her days and nights mixed up (again...or still). When I get home from work in the morning she is usually ready to eat so I feed her before I put her back to bed and crawl in bed myself. Well, recently Kathryn has decided that immediately following this feeding is a good time to just hang out and chat. It is absolutely adorable and I love any time that she just wants to sit and talk to me! I just wish she would wait until a little later in the day when I'm not wanting to sleep. I usually give in to her and talk for a few minutes because I cherish that bonding time so much and I miss her when I'm at work. A few minutes of talking is absolutely worth giving up a few minutes of sleep. Did I mention how cute it is?

Challenges & Concerns:

The exhaustion is really starting to hit hard. My husband and I are still working out responsibilities, feedings, sleep , etc. Kathryn still wakes up every few hours at night wanting to eat and with me working the graveyard shift we don't have normal sleep schedules. Kathryn is kind of on a schedule but not really so one of the big things we are trying to figure out is how we can each get enough sleep. I just have to keep telling myself that it will get easier. She will get bigger and eventually sleep longer stretches.  I will get off this schedule in 8 weeks, if I can, and we will work on getting her on a little stricter schedule. My husband and I will continue to adjust to parenthood and that alone will make life easier. I just have to be patient.

Did you exclusively breastfeed or did you sometimes supplement with formula?

(We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about parenting choices to yourself!)


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