"Wash Your Hands Before Touching Baby!" Signs

Moms of new babies want to show their beautiful creations off to friends and strangers ... but they often prefer that to happen from afar. In other words, please don't touch my healthy, fragile, and still-developing-immunity newborn with your germy, dirty hands, no offense.

I always found this so difficult to tell people. It seemed a little too personal, like I was criticizing their hygeine. I would never say "Please shower and wash your hair before you come over for dinner tonight." But that's how it sort of felt.

A lot of moms who find it rude or awkward, or who just get tired to repeating it over and over again opt for a visual warning sign instead. The ones above hang on a stroller when you're out and about.


Those would be a little hard for me to read. I'd think it was just a baby toy and would go straight for the kid. The bib below is a little more prominant, but again, when smeared with sweet potatoes, peas and lord knows what else, will a stranger really home in on it?

If you really want to get the message across, you could put you or your baby in a T-shirt bearing the message ...

Kudos to the company that came up with all these cute ideas for protecting baby, but I'm not sure it would have worked with my grabby-hands friends and relatives.

Do you feel awkward about asking people to wash their hands before touching or holding your baby?

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