Haiti Needs Your Breastmilk

Premature and sick babies in Haiti are in desperate need of breastmilk. CafeMoms in the Breastfeeding Moms group are already rallying their members to help. But there's lots of confusion about this. Many breastfeeding moms who want to donate think they can't because they don't have a donation center in their area.

Don't worry -- you can still donate, no matter where you live!

As one mom in the group explains:

"If you e-mail your nearest milk bank, they will usually give you a packing slip and tell you how to get it to them via Fed Ex. You need 200 ounces to send in. 'I've printed up my application and I have 63 ounces to go ... I hope to be able to get my donation in next week."


Another mom explained that the 15 pounds of dry ice that she was supplied was enough to keep her donated breast milk frozen for about a week.

So don't worry about finding a center. If you want to donate, you probably can. Click this link to find the nearest breast milk donation center. If you need more help, ping the The Human Milk Banking Association of America. They can help you find the nearest center, even if it's several states away.

Are you donating breastmilk to Haiti? Tell us how it works and how you were able to do it!


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