This Robot Baby Scares Me

robot baby

Photo from University of California, San Diego

This is Diego-san and he's 1 year old.

Researchers from the University of California's Machine Perception Laboratory teamed up with a Japanese company that make lifelike moving dinosaurs and other creatures for movies and theme parks to make him.

He has over 60 moving parts in his body, and over 20 moving parts in his head, allowing him to make facial expressions.


According to, the researchers hope to use him to "understand how babies acquire motor skills in the first year of life. Diego-san will impart important clues about how babies learn various facial expressions and interact with their immediate environment." adds: "While all of this research will undoubtedly lead to some important discoveries, we can’t help but think that one day, this thing will have a massive fit and destroy the lab and everyone in it. Godspeed, you foolish, foolish researchers."

Thank goodness I just burst out laughing at that visual, otherwise I would have had nightmares tonight.

What do you think about Diego-san? Creepy or cool?

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