New Breastfeeding Canopy a Hit With Celebs

Booby Trapper breast feeding canopy

Booby Trapper cover; $45

Breastfeeding tents and covers are pretty popular among moms who nurse in public and don't want to get thrown out of restaurants like Denny's. A new breastfeeding canopy was creating quite a stir recently at celebrity gift show several days before the Golden Globes recently.

It's called the Booby Trapper -- a lightweight cotton canopy that protects mom's privacy but allows her full view of her eating baby without covering up baby's face.


The inventor, Regina Nancy Armstrong, loaned her canopies to several breastfeeding stars to try out and she got positive feedback from Marisa Coughlan of the TV show Bones, wife of comedian Craig Shoemaker, and Mayim Bialik, the star of the '90s sitcom, Blossom.

Unfortunately, at $45 US dollars it's priced for celebrities, too. For that price I think I might just stay home and nurse.

How do you breastfeed in public? Do you use a canopy, blanket, carefully unbotton, or just unabashedly lift your shirt and whip it out?


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