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7 "Taggie" Like Toys $20 & Under

Baby Cynthia Dermody Jan 20, 2010

Photo by stephanie.rose

1Giraffe; $20

Handmade 19 inch high giraffe designed and sewn by CafeMom stephanie.rose. To order or for information PM her or check out her online store for this and other items. You can also see a selection of giraffe fabrics and colors available on the Photo Page.

2Cuddle Squares; $3.50

Designed by Etsy crafter bebebabletdesigns, these 6 x 6 lightly stuffed squares with a teething/haning ring and ribbons are easy for little hands to hold, and mom can easily clip it to the stroller or carseat.

3Car Seat Strap Cover; $5

These covers from crafty4kids velcro onto baby's car seat so mom doesn't have to constantly reach behind her to fetch the fallen blanket. Just drop a line to your car seat safety technician or a mom in one of the CafeMom car seat groups like Car Seat Safety before buying to make sure they can be used without compromising the seat's function.

4Stroller Strap Cover; $6

Etsy's crafty4kids also has a stroller strap cover -- I'll bet baby will love to play with this while detached, too.

5Owl Rattle; $6

Make from baby-soft fleece by mmemories on Etsy, Oliver the Owl crinkles when he is squeezed, and has a detachable, 8-inch ribbon loop with Velcro that attaches to the stroller, car seat or a teething ring. Oliver comes professionally packaged in a handmade fabric bag with ribbon and hang tag.

6Mini Tag Blanket; $8

A 5 x 5 inch flannel square -- a bit smaller than the original -- by AnnRoses has silky tags of varying sizes.

7Tag Bib; $12

Maybe baby will be distracted enough for you to get those sweet potatoes in while wearing this bib. MelanieShea78 makes this reversible bib that fits infants through toddlers from cotton fabric and terrycloth with accenting ribbons and a velcro closure. And if you're not partial to tractors, you can pick a different fabric.

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