I'm Having Another Baby! (Not Really, Just Pretending)

ultrasound of baby

Photo by Mommy.Megs

Moms in the Babies group were sharing how they'd react if they found out they were expecting another baby at this very moment -- regardless of whether it would be possible or not. Pretend. You have no time to let it settle, you're sharing your initial gut response ...

Some interesting reactions:

  • I am so not ready to have a baby right now. I just had one six months ago.
  • I would be the happiest woman on the face of the earth. My family will finally be complete, I would finally get my tubes tied, I would go all brand new with baby excitement again.
  • I'd fall off the deep end. Then I'd suck it up and realize that I would not be given more than I can handle and find a way to make it work.
  • I would seriously cry. I'm done having kids.
  • I would be in total shock. I have four beautiful daughters already. Besides, I already went through menopause.
  • I would cry, scream, throw a few things, and blame it all on my husband.
  • I'd think, 'It's a miracle!" since my daughter isn't even 6 weeks yet.
  • I'd be upset, then I'd get over it and be happier than ever that I'm having another baby.

Read more reactions in Babies.

My own gut reaction? "How did that happen?"

What would your reaction be if you learned you were pregnant right now?


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