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Who: Vance Alan, 4 months, son of athenax3. His first name is a name my husband and I fell in love with, his middle name is in honor of my dad. He's our fourth and LAST child, and our first boy. With three older sisters he's got quite the adventure ahead of him, and I very much look forward to the nuances and differences in raising a boy. I'm already envisioning cute little GQ haircuts and clothes.


How much does he sleep?

He's hit or miss during the day, but has been sleeping through the night (8-10 hours) consistently for a couple of weeks so far.

What makes him smile?

Raspberries and any loved one chatting to him in funny voices. I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite though, lol.

What's his fussiest time of day?

The afternoons, from about 3 to about 6. We don't know why, he just isn't a happy little guy during that time. Sometimes he cries, sometimes he just makes mean unhappy faces. Either way, the afternoon is clearly NOT his favorite time of day, and thanks to this, it's not mine, either.

What's his most recent milestone?

Well he's sleeping through the night and this renewed my hope and outlook, lol, as it meant I got some sleep too! Also, he's rolling over, tummy to back and it reminds me of how very quickly they grow and aren't "babies" anymore and that makes me kind of sad.

What will he do for a future career?

Since he's our only boy, we of course picture all kinds of testosterone loaded careers, pro football/basketball/baseball, BMX or motocross champion, etc. But based on HIS personality so far, I'm going to say detective, because he never misses a thing! He's very aware and conscious of everyone and everything around him and has been since birth basically.


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